Britney Spears calls out son Jayden in new video

Britney Spears has made her children, Preston and Jayden, out for participating in a live interview together with their dad, Kevin Federline.

The two discussed their conflicted relationship with Toxic singer, who is 40 and revealed why they didn’t go to her wedding reception to Sam Asghari.

Jayden 15 also said that his dad, Jamie Spears, didn’t deserve all the snark the public is bringing on him’ the public eye, following his involvement in the controversial conservatorship of the mother-of-two that she was released from in the last year.

Responding to Britney’s interview, Britney uploaded a lengthy video to her Instagram page, asking why her sons were “sick.”

I can completely comprehend why my family wouldn’t be happy with me being my own person, and maybe it’s because I never had the privilege of doing it,’ she explained. I’m sure it’s slightly different and perhaps a little lighter because I’m not in charge of three 18-wheeler trucks equipped with tour equipment, and a plethora of tour participants to be accountable for a while on tours.

“So Jayden As you sabotage my behavior, as my family has always done in the past, you respond with “Hope she improves and I’ll pray for her.” Do you mean to pray for something? Continue working so that I can pay my mom’s legal fees as well as her home.

Do you wish for me to improve so that I could continue to pay your dad the money he needs for a month? What’s the motivation that you’ve decided to be unpopular is because it’s already past two years now and you’re not getting any money?

Kevin, who was married to a Grammy-winning singer was reported to have received 70% of custody of Jayden and Preston, both 16, in 2019 – and in their childhood together with his wife Victoria.

The former dancer had previously stated that the boys eventually ended the overnight stay they had with their mother.

In the video, Britney said that she asked Jayden to clarify her concerns when they had allegedly stopped looking at her nearly as often.

You told me, “Mamma, it’ll change,”‘ she continued. You and your brother left the home always two hours before. Preston would lie down, and you’d play the piano all the time. If I didn’t lavish you with gifts, and get amazing food prepared, and then be a saintly mother and still not be adequate enough.

“That was the first time I asked you, with eyes directly into your eyes “I would like to meet you again” You called your dad, but I did not see you ever again.

I didn’t commit any wrongdoing and I’m aware that I’m not perfect but the love I’ve shown you and the way I love your manner of speaking and your smugness, as PawPaw, “self-entitled, this could be fixed. I’ll be back in the future when she’s more comfortable”. Jaden I was amazed at the amazing experience to be able to talk normally when I left the situation.’

“The Baby One More Time band also claimed that the teenager was “just like my other family’ He claimed that he secretly wanted to believe that she was doing something wrong in her.

“But you were like my family. You had a secret love of seeing me as if there was something that had gone wrong,’ she added. “I didn’t require families hiding in houses and whispering s**t over my back. I was feeling numbly guilty for having paid for everything in both houses.

I needed loving and support. And guess what? The most interesting part of this would have made slightly better sense… I felt in the best state of mind I’ve ever had since I was in a position to speak out 100 percent and tell them”no. It is a pity that not one of you has acknowledged me as an individual.

“You’ve seen how kind my family has treated me, and that’s all you need to know. In my opinion, I’m convinced that you would like to whisper that I’m not right. In truth, my father needs to be locked up for the duration of all his days.

“But, as I mentioned earlier, God would not allow this to occur to me if God existed. I no longer believe in God now due to the way in which my family and my children have been with me. There’s no reason to believe in it anymore. I’m an Athiest, you’ll see.’

The kids sat down with Kevin for a candid interview last week, with the conversation airing on the news last week.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Jayden stated that there’s no “hate” between the families and suggested that the situation could be changed.

“It’s going to require some work and energy. I’m just hoping she can improve her mental health. If she improves I’d like to meet her back,’ he said.

In a direct message to his mom, he said”I am very happy for you, I wish only the best in you. Perhaps one day we will have a sit-down like this and discuss things.’


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