Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly reveal their favorite Chucky moment

Chucky is set to wreak havoc again in the second season of Don Mancini’s series based on the killer doll which debuted in 1988 Child’s play. After being caught up in the Video Nasty era, Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif, came out on the other side in 1998. Bride of Chucky, which made the awesome addition of Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany. Now, after several more films, the couple are together again in Chuckyand the cast behind them discussed Chucky’s legacy, including revealing what was their most iconic moment in the entire franchise.

With plenty of moments to choose from, as they spoke to the Television Critics Association panel for the TV series, Dourif and Tilly looked back on their 24 years together on the Child’s play franchise and their favorite moment of all, which is also one of the most bizarre and comedic surreal moments in the entire saga. Dourif explained:

“The night Chucky got lucky. Because I was shocked. When Chucky had sex, I didn’t expect to be shocked, but I was so shocked and thrilled. It was fun working with Jennifer because I felt like I was working on my own. , but this is not the question. Anyway, that was my favorite moment. I saw the two dolls having sex, and even though you know that Jennifer and I did all of that…voice only for all of that. »

Tilly added her own thoughts on the scene in question, reminding everyone of her and Dourif’s hilarious off-the-cuff lines that really elevated the whole thing to comedy-horror gold. She says:

“It was really fun because the way we work, Brad and I were in adjoining cubicles, so we improvised, and I improvised, because she hasn’t been an adult for so long, ‘Have you you a rubber?’ and then Brad improvised “Rubber? Look at me baby. I’m all rubber”, so they had unprotected sex which led to an unplanned pregnancy which is a lesson for children… Sex with a doll is different from real sex, but it is very fun, especially when it’s with Brad. »

Chucky Season 2 sees the return of Glen/Glenda, the result of this Bride of Chucky Scène

The first season of Chucky includes many references to the original Child’s play films, as well as the insertion of characters later in the series. While Jennifer Tilly primarily played the human version of her character on the show, Tiffany’s doll form came into play near the end of the season and would return for a reunion with Chucky in Season 2.

Also joining mayhem will be non-binary actor Lachlan Watson, who will take on the roles of Chucky and Tiffany’s child, Glen/Glenda. The character has already been teased in the latest trailer for the series and will arrive in all his glory in Chucky season 2 when the show returns to SYFY/USA Network on October 5, 2022.

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