Blue Lock is the perfect soccer anime, even for those who don’t like sports

Blue Lock is the perfect soccer anime, even for those who don't like sports

Like many series and movies, anime has a large number and variety of genres that provide different experiences and stories for viewers. Among them, one of the most popular are those of sports teams, which have managed to fit in even with those who are not sports fans. A clear example is »Haikyuu!! “or the all-time classic”Super champion ».

With this genre often twisting its rules and giving a new spin on the sport, great stories are usually granted that all viewers can enjoy, as is the example of ‘Blue Lock’, a new football anime which just premiered this fall.

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Based on the manga of the same name, the story is set after Japan’s national soccer team loses the 2018 World Cup, with the country realizing that what the country truly needs is a player to lead their team to victory. the victory. C’est alors that the Blue Lock program is launched, which will try to find a joueur capable of gagner sans avoir besoin de son équipe.

The story follows Yoichi Isagi, a not-so-gifted player who receives an invitation from the Japan Soccer Union to participate in the ingenious Blue Lock program, created by Ego Jinpachi, who is looking for someone selfish enough not to care. of his team if it means scoring a goal. To achieve this, he placed 300 talented athletes in a pitched battle where the only way to survive is to kick other players out.

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“Blue Lock” premiered on October 8, and although it’s just getting started, it looks like it won’t have anything like the classic sports anime. The series will see a bloody battle similar to what we have seen in series like “The squid game leaving aside the classic teamwork that is sought after in other anime of the style.

With a focus on the horror and gore genres, ‘Blue Lock’ plans to bring a uniquely football-themed showmanship, and while it will also feature characters with a broad level of skill in the sport, it will let all viewers expect who will be the next to die or who will go to the next test.

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