Blackbeard Pirate Gang’s Devil Fruits Revealed (Manga Chapter 1063)

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As most of you probably already know, the manga is about to a play meanwhile in the saga finale and therefore many things are happening at once. As we approach the legendary treasure and the protagonist Singe D Luffy achieved for the title of Pirate King, the villains of the world also make their moves.

Of course, this also includes the audience favorite among the antagonists Marshall D Teachbetter known as Black beard. In Chapter 1063 to the owner of Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi another significant performance that is likely to have profound consequences for the world of pirates.

The latest demonstration of his power brings not just another fan favorites in a threatening position, she also reveals that Devil’s fruit, which Luffy’s opponent has collected for his comrades throughout the story. If you keep reading, go ahead massive spoilers for manga chapter 1063 caught.

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One Piece: Manga Chapter 1063 Reveals The Evil Powers Of The Blackbeard Pirate Gang

Depuis Marshall D. Teach to sea ​​emperor got up, he does New world insecure and diligently collecting devil fruits for his comrades. How he snatched these powers from their original owners is unknown until now, but we do know he did it for real. high quality specimens abstained.

For example, one of his victims was the zombie commander Absalomowner of the fruit of invisibility Suke Suke no mi. When Absalom tried to find out more about Blackbeard and his gang, he was killed by Blackbeard and his evil power released. Shiryu about, the former commander of the guards of the push down.

that there are others Experienced Fel users We already knew that the true extent of Teach’s ambitions will only appear in One Piece manga chapter 1063, where his filsthat we already have in fictional city encountered can be seen again in action.

The ship’s doctor Doc Q successfully puts his newly acquired here Sick-sick fruit against the Heart pirate gang of Trafalgar Law a. Apparently, with his power, he can induce diseases that spread among infected people. We can see it as Milady Transformation Pestewho reversed the sex of the victims.

The shooter An Ogre demonstrates the power of sound Fruit du Warp and teleported barges of jesus on a nearby island, where he watches his enemies and they his Kittens Kittens fruits can be felt, making it strong enough to throw an entire mountain at Law’s gang. But that’s not all.

Because even Doc Q’s mount, strongernow has a demonic power namely the Mythical Horse Fruit of the Horse Model: Pegasus, giving wings to the animal. Not to be confused with the common horse-horse fruit, the Pierre ate, the giant bird belonging to the Knight of Heaven and God Fort of Gan serves as a mount.

  • Marshall D Teach: Dark Fruit, Earthquake Fruit
  • Doc Q: fruit of disease
  • An Ogre: Warpfruit
  • barges of jesus: Kitten fruit
  • stronger: Fruit Horse, Model: Pegasus

From the original crew, alone libertinenavigator and courier of Blackbeard’s pirate gang, in One Piece no respawn, that’s why his evil powers so far a secret stay. The Devil Fruits of two other new gang members from previous chapters are already known.

  • Shiryu: Fruit Invisibility
  • Catherine Devon: Dog Fruit, Model: Kyuubi

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