Are Ari and his tribe victorious?

Tibère et son fils Germanicus se préparent à affronter les barbares lors de la deuxième saison (Photo : Netflix)

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. The second season of “Barbarians” (“Barbaren” is their native language and “Barbarians” in English), which is available on Netflix from October 21, 2022, begins a year after the defeat of Varo. The Cherusci have retreated to the northern forests, Thusnelda has a son named Tumelic, and Arminius seeks to become king of all the tribes.

The Roman army is now in command of the first general Tiberius, who, together with his son Germanicus, prepares to face the barbarians and conquer their lands once and for all. When Ari, with his tribe, ambushes a legion heading towards the enemy camp, he realizes he needs help from other tribes.

As Ari invites Marbod, a tribal leader who has a large army, to go hunting with the intention of making a deal, Flavus, the brother of Arminius, appears before Tiberius and He promises to bring back the protagonist’s head from “barbarians”.

Tiberius and his son Germanicus prepare to face the barbarians in the second season (Photo: Netflix)
Tiberius and his son Germanicus prepare to face the barbarians in the second season (Photo: Netflix)

After Marbod receives a visit from Flavus and makes a deal with him, he brings the tribes together and assures that war is not the best option. Feeling betrayed, Ari confronts him, not imagining that this is a trap and that he would be captured and brought by his brother to Tiberio.

When Thusnelda confronts Marbod about her husband’s disappearance, Chief Marcomanni assures her that they have been ambushed by Roman soldiers. Later, she seeks the support of her tribe to undertake the search for Ari, but no one supports her. Sure, she does not give up and reaches the enemy camp, where she confirms that Marbod is a traitor.

Thusnelda manages to infiltrate the camp and with Folkwin’s help saves Arminius. Before they can escape, Gaius, Ari’s son by his first wife, shows up and tries to stop them. However, everyone manages to get out of the Roman camp alive.

Back in his tribe, Ari meets the other chiefs, but they prefer to follow Marbod. Arminius faces the leader of the Marcomanni and as he prepares to kill him he remembers the words of his son Gaius: “The barbarians are killing each other and it is good for Rome”, he lowers his sword and names him king of the Germanic tribes.

After this event, Marbod refuses to make his deal with Tiberius, angering Flavus, who meets Germanicus and offers to attack the ” barbarians » the evening of the ritualsince most will not be armed.

Folkwin, who had decided to leave after abandoning his son, learns of the attack and returns to help his tribe. Although the confrontation caused several injuries and deaths, the barbarians obtained the withdrawal of the Roman army. In response, Marbod asks the leaders of Flavus and Germanicus to restore peace, but Tiberius refuses, so the reik declares war on him.

Folkwin died in action at the end of season 2 of
Folkwin died in action at the end of ‘Barbarians’ season 2 (Photo: Netflix)

After capturing Germanicus, the tribes prepare to attack the Roman camp before ships arrive with reinforcements. Meanwhile, Segestes, Thusnelda’s father, approaches Tiberius with an offer the general cannot refuse.

The tribes manage to penetrate the camp and confront the Roman army. During the battle, Germanicus kills Folkwin, who before dying confesses to him that he is the real father of Thusnelda’s child and asks him to take care of them. Flavus also dies trying to protect Marbod.

When Ari and his tribe see the Roman ships retreating, they celebrate their victory, without imagining that Tiberius has little Tumelico in his power. Finding that her son is missing and her brother is tied up, Thusnelda frees him and follows them into the woods where she discovers that her family has betrayed her.

The second season of “Barbarians” ends with Tiberio murdering Thusnelda’s family, capturing Ari’s wife, and taking Folkwin’s son.

Tiberio kidnapped Thusnelda and her son at the end of the second season of
Tiberio kidnapped Thusnelda and her son at the end of the second season of ‘Barbarians’ (Photo: Netflix)

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