Apple will launch a foldable iPad worth $2,300-2,500 by 2024, before launching a foldable iPhone

Apple Lancera Un Ipad Pliable D'une Valeur De 2 300

Tech enthusiasts and Apple fans have been waiting for the tech company to finally enter the foldable device market and release the foldable iPhone. Apple, on the other hand, wants to get the foldable iPhone right and so is taking its time to make one. Now, some reports claim that we might actually get a foldable iPad before we get the foldable iPhone.

Apple will launch a foldable iPad worth $2,300-2,500 by 2024, before launching a foldable iPhone

Apple doesn’t want to jeopardize the regular iPhones they sell. Hence, they are experimenting with the foldable form factor with their iPad. Image credit: Apple

According to marketing research firm CCS Insight’s annual forecast report, Apple would like to avoid any technical issues with a foldable phone and would rather dip your toes in the collapsible market through a tablet. The main reason behind this could be the fact that a foldable iPhone would be risky for Apple as it could degrade the sales of the conventional iPhone, one of Apple’s most profitable devices.

Reportedly, Apple is in talks with LG to develop ultra-thin protective glass for its entire line of foldable devices.

Rumors from reputable Apple tipsters have suggested that in 2024 Apple will release a foldable device. While most people thought it would be the foldable iPhone, it now makes sense to tech analysts that Apple is kicking off its venture into the foldable market with a tablet.

Either way, the foldable iPad or foldable iPhone, whichever device launches first, will be very expensive and very unusual. Apple may be slow to adopt some of the technological developments, especially if they have been made by their competitors, but when they adopt these developments, they add their own engineering flair to them.

It is estimated that the first foldable iPad will easily cost between $2,300 and $2,500 for the base variant. The first foldable iPhone, on the other hand, is expected to cost around $2,000, assuming it comes out in 2024.

As for the size of the foldable, Apple’s foldable iPad will have a display size that will be almost 20 inches, while the iPhone is likely to get an 8- or 9-inch main screen. Apple could use a secondary display on the outside of devices with color e-ink technology, for efficient battery use.

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