Apple to delay some iPhone 14 Pro pre-orders originally promised for launch day delivery

A bunch of devices the iPhone 14 range are supposed to ship today, September 16, to customers who pre-ordered their devices right after their announcement.

However, a report has surfaced online that suggests Apple may have to delay a bunch of iPhone 14 Pro pre-orders they had received.

Apple to delay some iPhone 14 Pro pre-orders originally promised for launch day delivery

At every launch event, Apple is actually very cautious and conservative with shipping estimates for new devices. Usually, Apple offers buyers a later delivery and then beats that estimate, tricking customers into thinking their orders arrived way ahead of time. The Cupertino-based tech giant is rarely in a position where the company promised buyers launch day delivery, but was then forced to delay that delivery.

The launch of the iPhone 14 line was a bit difficult. Last week, when Apple started taking pre-orders, both the online Apple Store and the Apple Store app faced major outages, mainly due to an unprecedented number of customers rushing to place their orders. As a result, some people were unable to place their orders at all, while others accidentally placed more than one order.

Reports are surfacing on social media that Apple is delaying some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max orders originally slated for September 16 delivery. In most cases, Apple is pushing these estimated delivery dates back about a week to September 23. Some buyers were notified earlier this week of the delays, while others weren’t notified until today.

These delays only affect customers who had ordered l’iPhone 14 Pro et l’iPhone 14 Pro Max models, that also 128GB and 256GB variants. Most of the customers who ordered the 512GB and 1TB variants are ready to receive their devices on time.

Customers who placed their orders for the base version of iPhone 14 are not facing such delays. As for the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple will start shipping them on October 7. Additionally, Apple has not received than many iPhone 14 Plus pre-ordersto start.

Currently, most variants of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are quoting mid-to-late October delivery estimates through the online Apple Store.

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