a bug in the API prevents the use of apps like Tweetbot or Fenix

Twitter laisse les clients tiers hors ligne : un bug dans l

The Twitter API has stopped working, killing the vast majority of third-party Twitter clients.

Twitter leaves third-party clients offline: a bug in the API prevents the use of applications like Tweetbot or Fenix
Elon Musk’s official social network app is the only one currently working

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If you use a third-party Twitter client, such as tweetbot, Phoenix, flamingo or any other similar app instead of the official Twitter app, you’ve probably come across problems when recently accessing the social network.

If so, you should know that you’re not alone. just as they have alerted several users in the social network itself, the API Twitter that these types of apps use to deliver the content not available for several hours.

It is assumed that the movement could to have been orchestrated by Twitter with the aim of intentionally “breaking” third-party applications that allow access to the social network, and thus trick users into using the official client. For the moment, from Twitter, they have not ruled on the matter.

Third-party Twitter clients stop working… and it’s unclear if it’s a bug

Tweetbot, Twitterific, Fenix, Flamingo or Albatross are some of the clients tiers which offer access to Twitter bypassing the restrictions imposed by the official application of the social network, and which also add functions which are not available in the original version. Uniquely tweeting platform and clients derived from this tool seem to continue to function normally.

All have stopped working in the past few hours due to API connection issues.

There are indications that suggest the “downfall” could be the result of a decision by the company itself led by Elon Musk. Over the past few days, changes have been made to increase income users through measures such as force users to see more ads. Given that Twitter does not generate revenue On the part of users who use third-party clients, it is not excluded that they have decided to cut their losses with this type of application.

And it is that, as it was possible to know, other apps that use the Twitter APIbut who are not third-party customers, continue to operate normally. For this reason, the belief that Twitter could have vetoed the operation from third-party customers.

In any case, neither Elon Musk nor any other member of the company spoke about it. We will update this article as soon as we have any news.

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