8 new games from the past few weeks that you should try

8 new games from the past few weeks that you should try

We recommend 8 new games from the Play Store that are definitely worth trying!

8 new games from the past few weeks that you should try

The Google Play Store offers a very large catalog of free games for your Android mobile which is growing week by week with all the new things coming to the Google storewhich we compile in our updated list with the best new mobile apps and games.

Of all the new games that hit the Play Store every week, we select the best and bring them to you so that they do not go unnoticed. So today we come to talk about 8 new games from the past few weeks that you should try.

Match Puzzle House-Blanket

Match Puzzle House is one of the new games in the Play Store that we recommend you try.

Online Truck Simulator

The first new game on Google Play that we advise you to try is Truck Simulator Online, a free truck driving simulation game in which you can drive a wide variety of trucks on a large map while you complete some tasks, enjoy the scenery and make new friends.

Truck Simulator Online will allow you create your own fleet of truckscustomize them to your liking and explore the map with your friends, as this is a multiplayer game.

Google Play Store | Online Truck Simulator

Pappy Playtime Chapter 3

Pappy Playtime Chapter 3

Pappy Playtime Chapter 3 en a fun action game He arrives just in time for the Halloween party.

In this terrifying free game, you will have to explore a factory and try to survive without being killed by the horrible Huggy Wuggy.

Google Play Store | Pappy Playtime Chapter 3

Match Puzzle Maison

Another of the new Play Store titles that you should try is Match Puzzle Maisonan entertaining puzzle game in which you will have to do match 3 or more pieces of the same color to remove the blocks and complete missions and stages.

As you complete the different stages of the game, you will be able to decorate Lily and Gerard’s house with luxury furniture, lamps and all kinds of decorations.

Match Puzzle House est a totally free game, with ads and in-app purchases ranging from 1.99 euros to 99.99 euroswhich you can download directly from the link that we leave below.

Google Play Store | Match Puzzle Maison

Naive Girl Escape

Naive Girl Escape

Ingenuous Girl Escape is a very addictive free game in which you will have to help a girl to to emerge from a room of a palace in which she was trapped.

To do this, you will have to find the clues hidden in the room and use them to escape the castle.

Google Play Store | Naive Girl Escape

name explosion 2048

name explosion 2048

Number Blast 2048 is a mathematical game in which you must multiply numbers by clicking on neighboring blocks that have the same numerical value.

As you complete the objectives set by the game, they will add new blocks that remove smaller numbers from the field.

Google Play Store | name explosion 2048

Ninja Echecs – Pixel Quest RPG

Another of the new titles on Google Play that you cannot miss is Ninja Chess – Pixel Quest RPG, a turn-based strategy game with a Pixel Art graphic style which takes place on an 8 x 8 chessboard and in which you will have to fight a series of monsters to protect your village.

In this free game, each chess piece has a unique set of skills, stats, and a specific playstyleyou will therefore have to decide which piece to move at each moment in order to defeat your opponents.

Google Play Store | Échecs ninja – Pixel Quest RPG

Candy Playgroups 1

Candy Playgroups 1

Candy 1 Game Groups is an addictive puzzle game where you have to match several candies of the same color to pop them and thus overcome their over 100 levels.

Google Play Store | Candy Playgroups 1

Tile Adventure

Tile Adventure

The last title in this list is Tile Adventurea 3D puzzle game in the style of the classic Mahjong game in which you will have to match three identical tiles to solve the board before the time is up.

Moreover, Tile Adventure is an offline game, so you can enjoy it anywhere and in any situation, because you don’t need an internet connection to play it.

Google Play Store | Tile Adventure

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