3 emojis that are destroying your social life according to Adobe

Adobe research reveals which emojis make us more likable…and which don’t.

3 emojis that are destroying your social life according to Adobe

Emojis are elements that are part of our daily lives, since they allow us to communicate easily and quickly. According to a new Adobe study reported by Gizmodo, 92% of respondents agree that emojis are very useful for communication overcome language barriers. Not only that, these little designs also make it easier the rest of the users feel more empathy towards us.

The study in question is called “Adobe’s Future of Creativity: 2022 US Emoji Trend Report” and is conducted by Adobe every year. On this occasion, research had the participation of 5,000 emoji users in the United States. The conclusions are clear: emojis they can make you more or less attractive to others. If you want your social life to be right, then you will see the emojis you should avoid.

These emojis make us less and less likeable to others

3 emojis that are destroying your social life according to Adobe

Adobe explains which emojis make us more and more likeable to others.

The study carried out by Adobe reveals that 92% of users surveyed use emojis to communicate more easily, even overcoming any language barriers. They certainly allow us convey what you feel with just an image. This is how Kamile Demir, a computer scientist at Adobe and member of the company’s committee devoted to emojis, explains:

« Emojis give people the resources they need to be able to express themselves and show their emotions, whether on social networks or in messaging applications. They allow people to convey more than just words on a screen and connect more deeply with les autres.”

Another positive aspect of using emojis is that make us more likeable and attractive in front of others. Of course, this largely depends on the emoticons you use. According to Adobe research, if you use the emoji of the face with hearts in the eyes, the kiss emoji or the one with the face surrounded by heartsyou will be more appreciated by the users you interact with.

On the other hand, if you use angry face emoji, eggplant emoji or poo emoji, you will get exactly the opposite, that is, you will be less attractive to others. If you use these three emojis, know that you could blow up your social lifebecause other users will not see you very well.

The meaning of WhatsApp emojis

at the time of use emojis to flirtthe study reveals that men are more fond of it. 76% of boys surveyed admit who use these stickers to seduce another person, while in the case of girls it is 68%.

Adobe’s research also touches on other very interesting subjects, such as rendering. Do users feel represented by current emojis? According to the findings, 2 out of 5 users said that emojis do not represent their identity, while 82% agree that representation needs to be broader and more inclusive in terms of age, race and ethnicity, culture and disability.

If you do not understand the meaning of an emoji, you can cause a lack of communication with the interlocutor.

We end up talking about another key subject, that which concerns the meaning of emojis. And the study shows that 47% of users give emojis a different meaning from the original. In short, almost half of users do not use these small drawings correctly. If you also have doubts, remember that you can consult our guide with the meaning of emojis.

And you should keep in mind that when using these items, it is possible that the interlocutor does not understand the same thing that you want to express, leading to possible communication problems. Finally, remember that you can also have iPhone emojis on your Android and easily use them in WhatsApp.

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