20 Details You May Not Have Seen In Chapter 9 Of ‘The House Of The Dragon’

Bill Paterson dans le rôle de Lord Lyman Beesbury dans

Sunday, October 16, premiere “The Green Council” (“The Green Council”), the ninth chapter of the first season (1×09) of “House of the Dragon” (“The Dragon’s House”). Without a doubt, an exciting episode focused on the allies of the Reine Alicent Hightowerwho join the request for Aegon II Targaryen as heir to the Iron Throne.

This installment was led by Claire Kilner and according to ScreenRant, had some important moments that may have gone unnoticed by much of the public. Therefore, we collect them in this note.

Then find out about the 20 details you may not have seen from episode 9 of season 1 of the series hbo max House of the Dragon.

In the series, Lyman Beesbury was murdered by Ser Criston Cole smash your head against the table Advice. In the book, he also died an agonizing death, but there are three versions: his death in the black cells, a cut in the throat of Cole and, finally, that he was thrown out of a window on sharp spikes.

Bill Paterson as Lord Lyman Beesbury in
Bill Paterson as Lord Lyman Beesbury in ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

Just like in “Fire and Blood” of George RR Martin, Dorne not yet part of Sept Royaumes of Westeros (Westeros)because he has resisted surrender since the days of Aegon the Conqueror. That’s why Tyland Lannister he wonders if the town has ever been overrun during the Council meeting.

Harold Westerling resigned from the Kingsguard in this chapter of “House of the Dragon”. Now the position of Lord Commander is free for Christo Cole. However, it seems that westerner will have a more active role in the plot as part of the Noirswith a new story beyond the book.

As revealed Tyland, End of the storm will play a key role in future civil war. For both parties, it will be very important to have the support of this Maisonso we will surely see Aemond Targaryens Oui Lucerys Velaryon reach settlement Barathéon convince this family.

like i did Sansa in « Game of Thrones » (« Game of Thrones »), Talia he also lights candles at his window. Since the lady of Alicent she’s a spy, it seems to be the signal that confirms the death of the king Viserys I.

Talya's candle signal in
Talya’s candle signal in ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

The famous sentence Daenerys (“Bend the knee”) was mentioned several times in this episode. In this sense, the parallelism between the two women is marked Targaryen: whereas Rhaenyra refuses to bend the knee, the other orders it.

The second prophecy Helena Targaryen it happened: the beast under the boards the ones he referred to in previous episodes were meleysthe dragon of rhaenys appeared with the princess at the coronation of Agon II.

Watch your children play Helen He says: “If one has something, the other will take it”. A prophecy implying that Rhaenyra he will come to take the throne from his eldest brother.

Phia Saban as
Phia Saban as Helaena Targaryen in ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

On the death of the king, the bells of the capital of the seven kingdoms They have been heard. In this sense, it follows what has been raised Arrival in “Game of Thrones”: “I’ve always hated bells. They sound horrific… a dead king, a besieged city. ».

In the series, lady fell refuses to support Agon II. This also happens in the book, where she is beheaded. Although in the production of hbo max you only see Lord Caswell penduit’s likely they’re done too.

The boy presented as the bastard of Aegon II in the chapter could be Gaemon Palehairwho, according to the original work, will accumulate a large number of followers who will see in him a legitimate monarch.

The bastard of
Aegon II Targaryen’s bastard featured in the ninth chapter of ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

When searching for Aegon II, Aémond mentions that he may have addressed You. It’s an empire inspired by Chine and one of which spin off in the form of an animated series.

Aémond he also said he would be next if anything happened to Aegon II. However, Helen and her husband already had two children. Therefore, the eldest among them would be the one who would inherit the Iron Throne.

In this chapter it is revealed that Larys fort sert Lord Confessor. This position did not exist « Game of Thrones », but refers to the title of the chief torturer. In order to acquire information, he is allowed to use his darkest methods on his victims.

Matthew Needham as Larys Strong in
Matthew Needham as Larys Strong in ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

At the beginning of the episode, we see the crown of Viserys I above his corpse. However, it is not noted that it was part of his funeral pyre, so it was not officially destroyed and, like the book, could be used at the future coronation of Rhaenyra.

Mysairethe “white worm”, looks a lot like Arrival of “Game of Thrones”. They both have spies all over the kingdom and she voices a phrase very similar to the character from the series prequel: “There is no power except what people allow you to take”.

Whereas Cersei Lannister clarified its position by stating: “When you play Game of Thrones, you win or you die”; Alice’s High Tower he differs from her by saying to his father: “None of this is a game”.

Olivia Cooke as Queen Alicent Hightower in
Olivia Cooke as Queen Alicent Hightower in ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

During the end of the episode, we see a building on fire and it seems to be that of Mysaire. Although “White Worm” is alive in this part of the book, it’s just one more example of what it can do. Larys fort to eliminate the queen’s threats.

A new seal House Targaryen was shown at the coronation Aegon II Targaryen. This is a golden dragon on a black background. It seems to be a tribute to solar firethe dragon of the eldest son of Alicent.

The crown with which Aegon II Targaryen is named king is the one he used Aegon the Conqueror. Although it is a sign of legitimacy, the last time a monarch used it was Maegor the Cruelconsidered one of the most despicable rulers in history.

Alicent Hightower and Aegon II Targaryen in the ninth chapter of
Alicent Hightower and Aegon II Targaryen in the ninth chapter of ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

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