Review: House of the Dragon Episode 3 “The Second of His Name”

The following includes spoilers for House of the Dragon Episode 3 “The Second of His Name” which was broadcast on HBO on Sunday, September 4.

House of the Dragon has always had its endgame on its sleeves. The show is headed for war and always was. Rhaenyra and Alicent began their journey as acquaintances and confidants, however, they always had the intention to be on opposing sides of the battle to claim supremacy. In the initial two seasons, the show dropped some hints about the future however it’s Episode 3 “Second of His Name,” that really reveals the division that could one day be able to take over the kingdom and the show.

At first glance, the episode appears to be about Aegon, Viserys’ second-born son, and the one mentioned in the episode’s title. An additional time leap places the boy at two, which will make him Alicent’s son for the first time and she’s expecting a second child. Rhaenyra is the King’s daughter There are some questions regarding whether she’ll remain in the future, now that the King has the heir to the throne who is male. There’s a celebration planned for the occasion and the entire realm isn’t just content -they are expecting an announcement. But, Viserys is standing firm and there is no sign of an announcement expected to be made. Rhaenyra is now his heir whether it’s for good or bad.

Review: House of the Dragon Episode 3

In the end, the story is about prophecy and the Targaryens, and the political system of rule. All are playing games trying to find an angle, but there are three that should be Viserys, Rhaenyra, and Daemon. Although they all have their own unique angles they’re not the most effective either for the kingdom or their own purposes. Dragons are still sufficient to rule Westeros however, viewers are aware that it’s not going to last long. The characters from the show do not, and the fans are here to see the aftermath.

The next war is likely to focus on Rhaenyra and Alicent Of course, however, Daemon Targaryen who is becoming more and more unstable plays a significant role play. His strategy to beat the Crabfeeder that he’s been fighting for several years with the Velaryons isn’t so an effective strategy as it is almost certain to die, but it does work. Daemon is victorious, with everything that comes with it. It’s not clear where the coin is on with regards to Daemon or if it does, but it’s evident that he has both “madness and greatness” in his.

For Rhaenyra there are indications of both however she appears more certain of her destiny than the frenzied, rushed storytelling that is attributed to her descendant, Daenerys Targaryen. The irony is that King Viserys himself likes to compare Rhaenyra to Daemon and Daemon, which is more comfortable if we did not be able to predict where these two characters will get to. In an episode, Otto Hightower also suggests, with a straight face that the King announce a marriage to Rhaenyra and his son who is the second born of his, Aegon, the comparison between the niece and uncle might not be intended to be as scary as it might sound.

Review: House of the Dragon Episode 3

The only thing that is consistent in the initial three episodes of House of the Dragon similar to the world of Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones, is the role of women. Like the original series, which told the tale of the story of a Targaryen female and her search for the throne in Westeros This one portrays Rhaenyra as the same type of character Daenerys was trying to tell a story which is in every way, defined by the men who surround her, and the inherent male-dominated culture of the day. This is the story that the show has chosen to tell. And if it seems familiar to those who watch fantasy shows that’s because it’s. The story has been told repeatedly over and over.

House of the Dragon’s world House of the Dragon has tried to diversify by introducing POC playing a significant role However, it has done this without not even mentioning the racism that was integral to this “time period.” One reason for this could be the fact that this show realized something that it didn’t before it, that Westeros is completely fictional and that it is a time that could be anything the people behind the scenes want the rules to be.

However, the misogyny is still there it’s an entire storytelling choice, perhaps an appropriate one for adaptations, given the way the story was presented by the source material however, it is a story-telling choice similar. In the world of the House of the Dragon men such as Daemon Targaryen are able to overcome their own struggles and overcome the world, while women like Rhaenyra Targaryen need to overcome the fact that they are born females which is not an equal playing field in any way.

The stories about the Targaryen house come to life by watching the latest episodes of House of the Dragon, that air on Sundays starting at 9:15 ET at 9:00 ET on HBO. The initial three episodes are available for streaming through HBO Max.


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