Yim Jae-beom leaves behind seven years of sadness with new LP ‘Seven’

The legendary vocalist Yim Jae-beom is returning with his seventh full-length album, “Seven,” his first new work in seven years, with which he is putting a comma after a trying time and moving on.

“Seven,” which may be read as “seven comma,” is Yim’s first album since he left the music industry in 2016 after losing his wife to cancer. It will be released on Tuesday. Soon after, Yim’s father also passed away.

The 13-track album is broken up into three chapters that trace the trip of a man who leaves his house to confront the outside world, travels through the uncharted territory that lies ahead, and, at the end of the voyage, comes home to his family where he empties himself for yet another adventure.

Yim pre-released the three songs from the third chapter, “Putting behind the memories,” which is centered on feelings about family, the evening before the general release on Thursday.

The third chapter’s highlight song, “Father’s Portrait,” is one of each chapter’s standout tunes. “The Traveler” serves as the opening track for the first chapter, and “Himalaya” for the second.

“I broke up the record into chapters so that listeners could follow his journey as he leaves home, experiences the mayhem, and then returns.

going home “At a press conference on Wednesday, Yim remarked.

“Father’s Portrait” was live-performed by Yim at the occasion.

Album cover of singer Yim Jae-beom's 7th LP
Album cover of singer Yim Jae-beom’s 7th LP “Seven,” (Blue Seed Company)
“Not just my father, but all of our fathers—especially the ones who have already passed away—came to mind while I sang. I guess I sang on behalf of the pains and longings inside people who have sent their fathers away,” Yim stated.

Speaking on the sentiment conveyed by the song, Yim said, “Follow fathers of my generation find it easier in expressing ourselves to our children — saying thank you, sorry, and I love you — compared to our own fathers, who held back their words, expressing them only through their eyes.”

“Days I have endured” and “You” are the songs that close up the third chapter.

While “You” is about the people who have become the reason to live, “Days I have endured” speaks about the period of pain and sadness experienced after losing a loved one and the peace that follows.

“Part of the song “You” is about my daughter. It has to do with those folks who keep me from dying. And that goes for my fans as well, because it was they who made it possible for me to come back, “The singer, 59, stated.

Singer Yim Jae-beom holds a press conference about his 7th LP
Singer Yim Jae-beom holds a press conference about his 7th LP “Seven,” in Seoul on Sept. 7. (Blue Seed Company)

The album was released two months after Yim’s June hit “Consolation.” The song is the opening track on the album’s prologue, “Seven.”

He publicly opened out about the agonizing agony that had kept him from performing for seven years during the press conference he organized to promote the release of “Consolation,” and he did so again on Wednesday.

“Some people had questioned why it was taking me so long to heal, but even after all that time, the scar inside of me remained. Despite my best efforts to flee the hurt, it just kept coming back to me, and each time, I would lose “said he.

He described being unable to meet people, watch the TV or go on the internet because they felt so mundane while he was suffering so badly. Yim said he didn’t listen to music or sing once during that time.

It was the comments fans left for him that eventually made him stand up again. Now, he says that it’s he who is relying on his fans, more than his fans on his songs.

“If my fans had waited for my songs before, now it’s me looking up to them. ‘You’ is a song through which I make such a confession to fans,” Yim said.

Next month, Yim will start a national concert tour as a way of showing his appreciation for his supporters. The first performances will take place from October 28 to 30 in Jamsil’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena, commonly known as the KSPO Dome.

As a result of not singing for so long, Yim claimed that his voice was still far from fully recovering. When he first tried recording after the seven-year break, he claimed he felt as though he had forgotten how to sing.

“For me, seven years was a very long time, and I still have some anxiety when I think of using my voice again. However, I am aware that my admirers will go far and spend precious time only to see me at the show. Therefore, despite the fact that I won’t be able to perform as explosively as I could before, I will make every effort to present my best self at this time “said Yim.

On Thursday at six o’clock, Yim’s seventh full-length record will be made available.


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