Watch: In suspenseful teasers for a new movie, So Ji Sub, Nana, and Kim Yoon Jin must discover the truth about that day

The premiere of “Confession” (literal title) is approaching!

“Confession” is a fictional account of a murder suspect and his attorney learning the truth about the crime.

So Ji Sub, therefore, portrays Yoo Min Ho, the president of a bright IT firm and the top suspect in a homicide investigation. Yang Shin Ae, played by Kim Yoon Jin, is Yoo Min Ho’s attorney. Yang Shin Ae looks for the truth in order to maintain her reputation as the attorney with the best success rate. Nana assumes the role of Kim Se Hee, the individual who is in possession of the truth’s key.

Yoo Min Ho, Yang Shin Ae, and Kim Se Hee are depicted on the primary poster. Yoo Min Ho, a bright businessman who was suddenly named as a suspect in a murder investigation, is glum with fear and resentment. Despite the fact that all of the evidence is pointed against her client, skilled attorney Yang Shin Ae appears ready to relentlessly pursue the truth as she stands next to him. With her expressionless face, Kim Se Hee adds to the mystery and is the source of the crucial details needed to crack this case. Below them, a shadowy figure can be seen standing behind a weird car that is parked in the center of the woodland. “All the evidence points at him,” the poster’s text states.

A glimpse of the perplexing case is shown in the exclusive teaser. “Proving your innocence is my responsibility, but that’s impossible to accomplish in the face of lies,” Yang Shin Ae says at the beginning of the clip. Yoo Min Ho, however, is emphatic and says, “Ms. Yang, I told you. It wasn’t me. When Yang Shin Ae inquires, “Shall we go back to the beginning,” she comes across as dubious. 

She retorts, “Your explanation isn’t creative,” in response to his allegation that he observed another person in the room. What can be more certain than this, yells Yoo Min Ho angrily? Kim Se Hee is the only person who might be able to support him through this maze of accusations.

On October 26, “Confession” will be screened in theatres. The teaser may be seen below.

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