The Boyz says 7th EP ‘Be Aware’ is a gift for fans

About fourteen days have passed since the Boyz finished their most memorable world visit, “The B-Zone,” in Seoul with three days of reprise shows, and the demonstration is now back with new sounds and exhibitions to fill fans’ late spring.

In front of dropping its seventh EP, “Aware,” at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the bandmates talked about their thoughts and considerations through an authority press proclamation delivered that morning.

“It’s energizing to get back into the game after very nearly nine months with ‘Nonconformist,’ particularly after effectively holding our most memorable world visit ‘The B-Zone’ and the reprise shows in Seoul,” Sangyeon said in an explanation delivered to the nearby press by the demonstration’s office, IST Entertainment.

The band partook in a major year in 2021, scoring their most memorable half-million-merchant with its 6th EP, “Thrill ing,” and proceeding to beat their past records with the third single “Nonconformist,” which was delivered in November.

Group image for the Boyz’ seventh EP “Be Aware” (IST Entertainment)
Group image for the Boyz’ seventh EP “Be Aware” (IST Entertainment)
Authoritatively a 11-piece act comprising of Sunwoo, Sangyeon, New, Q, Kevin, Hyunjae, Jacob, Eric, Younghoon, Juyeon and Juhaknyeon, the demonstration has been performing down one since March when Eric went on break because of medical problems.

The new collection is a six-track EP that portrays the influxes of feeling inside the bandmates surprisingly face an illegal love.

Fronting “Be Aware” is lead single “Whisper,r,” flaunting the gathering’s extraordinary energy through the verses and execution portraying the snapshot of dopamine flood set off as the faculties are charged by a murmur.

Hyunjae said in Tuesday’s articulation regarding the melody, “It’s vital that the verses depict that specific second, and the tune turns out to be more unique on account of execution is new yet hot simultaneously.”

“Be Aware” is also packed with five side tracks: “Bump & Love,” “C.O.D.E,” “Levitating,” “Survive the Night” and “Timeless.”

A fan melody gave to the gathering’s true being a fan, the B, “Immortal” was revealed in front of the collection’s true delivery at the gathering’s reprise shows recently. As an unexpected gift for nearby fans, the band played the music video and played out the tune live.

The individuals have stretched the limits further as artists with the new collection, particularly as verses of every one of the six tunes were made partially or entire by a portion of the bandmates. Sunwoo, Sangyeon, New, Q and Hyunjae together wrote the words for “Timeless.” Sunwoo is credited as a lyricist on the melodies in general, including the lead tune that likewise contains the melodious commitments of Jacob. “Survive the Night” had the words composed without any help by Sunwoo.

About the fan melody, New said, “The tune ended up perfect as we made the tune contemplating our fans, and we’re extremely happy with it. It’s loaded up with the words that we’ve needed to tell the Bs, so we trust that many pay attention to the melody and feel our words through it.”

Group image for the Boyz’ seventh EP “Be Aware” (IST Entertainment)
Group image for the Boyz’ seventh EP “Be Aware” (IST Entertainment)

The band as of late shut the draperies on its “The Boyz World Tour: The B-Zone,” its most memorable worldwide show series since appearing in December 2017. Starting off the visit in Los Angeles on May 29, the demonstration headed out to 11 urban communities in the US, Europe and Asia, with the keep going shows occurring on Aug. 5-7 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. The three-day finale in Seoul pulled in 24,000 concert attendees altogether.

Glancing back at the shows, the band remembered the energy as though it were yesterday.

“Assuming that we’d been moved by the unfamiliar fans chiming in to the Korean verses, the fans at the Seoul shows kept up the pressure and sent us vast cheers all through,” Kevin said. “I don’t think I’ll have the option to fail to remember the ‘Overjoyed Up’ execution when we as a whole bounced all over and played together.”

The band presently desires to dominate the competition with a TV music show No. 1 from the new collection.

“Despite the fact that our greatest joy comes from the Bs being fulfilled from the collection, our additional objective with the collection would be another No. 1 on the music shows with the goal that the Boyz and the Bs will actually want to praise one another and treasure the blissful second together,” Q said.

In shutting the assertion, Juhaknyeon said, “We’re truly thankful for everybody supporting us. The collection resembles a gift for those individuals who backing and love us, and we trust many will like and support our new tunes in ‘Know.'”


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