So Ju Yeon and Seo Ji Hoon, a webtoon called “Youth Blossom,” are shown in the image “Stealing Eyes”

The images of Wave’s original drama “Youth Blossom” catch viewers’ attention because they look like they just came from a “People in the past” webtoon. So Joo-Yeon X Seo Ji-hoon (Lee Ha-min) (Han So-mang).

The character posters for Hamin and Som from Wave’s original drama “Youth Blossom” were unveiled on the fifth. Seo Ji-hoon, who played “Lee Ha-min” in the live-action version of “Youth Blossom,” and So Joo-Yeon, who portrays “Han So-mang,” each flawlessly captures the characters’ sardonic expressionlessness and youthful smile. Fresh green representing summertime is seen behind the two of them, yet Hamin and Som are expressing quite opposite ideas about the season.

Youth Blossom
Credit: Wave

We are interested in the summer that Hamin and Som spent together after reading the line of hope that smiles nicely yet appears dejected, “That summer that left you is back.” Hamin, on the other hand, sits on the billboard that reads, “I wish summer to finish soon,” and looks off into the distance. However, in the teaser video that was previously made public, a photo of Hamin and Hope was shown, who was becoming closer to one another through the topic of “images” in the summer of their senior year of high school and occasionally sharing a downpour. Hamin also expressed gratitude to Somang for putting him into the rain, meaning that the summer’s rainy days were priceless.

The main plot of “Youth Blossom” describes Hope’s summertime experiences with Hamin as well as why Hamin yearned for the summer to end. The film “Youth Blossom,” which is based on the well-known webcomic of the same name, shows a two-tone, bittersweet romance between 18 people who keep their identities a secret. Ji-hoon Seo Ha-min and So-mang, who were “past teenagers” six years ago, are played by So Joo-Yeon.

At 5 o’clock on the 21st, “Youth Blossom,” a wave original drama, will debut for the first time.

Source: Soompi


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