So Ji-sub Create New Instagram Account

So Ji-sub, an actor, created an Instagram account.

On his fifth day, Ji-sub decided to create an Instagram account under the name “Soganji.”

When he made his modeling debut for the streetwear company “Storm” in 1995, he uploaded his first shot of himself at the time. His improved visual, which contrasted with his debut days, caught the audience’s attention.

Ji-sub then wrote, “This was the beginning… a storm,” as a reminder of the past.

Internet users responded with phrases like “Nice to meet you” and “Please upload frequently.”

So Ji-sub wed Jo Eun-Jung, a reporter, who is 17 years her junior in 2020. He most recently had an appearance in the first episode of Choi Dong-“Alien hoon’s + Human,” and the film “Confession” is scheduled to hit theatres in October.

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