Rocket Punch’s second song, “Flash,” is intended to help them become “rising stars”

Rocket Punch, a K-pop female trio, made a comeback on Monday with “Flash.”

Rocket Punch held a Monday afternoon internet media press conference in advance of the release of “Flash.”

Six months after the release of their fourth EP, “Yellow Punch,” Rocket Punch makes a comeback with “Flash,” their second single.

The six members of Rocket Punch are Yeonhee, Juri, Yunkyung, Sohee, Suyun, and Dahyun.

“We’re pleased to be arriving earlier than anticipated. We believe the musical style and concept of the title song are appropriate for Rocket Punch, and we feel as though we are donning an appropriate outfit. Suyun stated, “We anticipate that a lot of people will also enjoy it.

Rocket Punch poses for pictures during a press conference for “Flash,” in Seoul on Monday. (Woolim Entertainment)
Rocket Punch poses for pictures during a press conference for “Flash,” in Seoul on Monday. (Woolim Entertainment)
With “Flash,” the band entices listeners into a colorful prom celebration. The bandmates claim that the new single will reveal more mature and composed aspects of themselves, departing from the group’s customary juicy and jolly concept and sounds.

According to Yunkyoung, with this album, we worked hard to demonstrate our growth, and like with “Yellow Punch,’ we also intended to convey our confidence, according to Yunkyoung.

If we had displayed the youthful, daring spirit of beginners in the previous albums, Dahyun continued, “We show that we have become more confident and stable, and our music has gotten more complete through our experiences in this single.”

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The first of the three songs, “Flash,” which sings a message of hope that they will flash out a variety of vibrant lights as they move toward a new world, is a Melbourne bounce song characterized by its uptempo basslines and dot synth noises.

The band members claimed that as soon as they heard the song for the first time, they recognized it as their own.

Juri remarked, “It felt incredibly addictive, and it just made me think how great the stage will be when the six of us make it together.” It was a new sound that we hadn’t attempted before. ” Sohee agreed, saying, “It made me envision how great the stage will be when the six of us do it together.”

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Yunkyung claimed that during filming the video, in which the band hosts a prom party, she anticipated a time when they would actually be throwing the event together.

During the filming of a scene in which we take a photo together, Yunkyung reflected, “If we do hold a party together, we’d be reminded of ‘Flash,’ and that simply made my heart all mushy.”

The new single also has “Moon Prism” and “Beep Beep.”

K-pop girl group Rocket Punch’s group image for “Flash.” (Woolim Entertainment)
K-pop girl group Rocket Punch’s group image for “Flash.” (Woolim Entertainment)

With their first EP, “Pink Punch,” Rocket Punch made its debut in August 2019 via Woolim Entertainment. Since then, the group has released two singles and four EPs in South Korea. They released their first Japanese single, “Fiore,” this year in June after making their debut in Japan in August 2021 with the EP “Bubble Up!”

Leader Yeonhee responded, “We have the confidence to take on new difficulties without fear and paint it with our own colors,” when asked how they can set themselves apart from the other girl groups. And I believe that our supporters’ favorite thing about us is our confidence as well as the times when we demonstrated that confidence right.

The trio, who are in their fourth year together, want to spread their name with “Flash.”

We want as many people as possible to hear the music so that everyone will be able to tell that it is our song.

Dahyun continued, “Since this is our first comeback since live performances are permitted, we intend to meet fans through as many activities as we can (following social distancing regulations). We also aspire to win the “rising star of the year” award by acquiring greater attention.


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