Prior to filming, Hyun Bin claims he spoke with his wife Son Ye-jin about “Confidential Assignment 2”

Many inquiries regarding their newlywed life were made during a group interview with local reporters on Thursday via Zoom because “Confidential Assignment 2: International” is the first movie that top Korean actor Hyun Bin is presenting to the public since he exchanged vows with Son Ye-jin.

While attempting to keep as much of their personal life private as possible—he feels that getting married and becoming a father haven’t yet had a significant impact on his career—Hyun Bin revealed that he did inquire about Lee Suk-working hoon’s methodology prior to the shoot because Son collaborated with him on “The Pirates” in 2014.

Hyun Bin remarked, “She said it was quite a surprise to work with him because the director seems calm and seems to not be interested in comedic films.” “We discussed how he had a wonderful sense of humor.”

However, Hyun Bin claimed that after that conversation, he and Son did not talk about the project any further, adding that they are often cautious when giving each other job advice.

We both work as actors, therefore, we know too much about one another’s projects to be able to give unneeded advice, in my opinion. “So, when giving advice regarding projects or performances, we take care,” Hyun Bin remarked.

He was also questioned regarding the widely shared internet joke about how Hyun Bin’s chuckle altered after getting married. The meme notes that Hyun Bin now laughs with his eyes closed, just like his wife’s well-known trademark chuckle.

“I also saw that meme. Hyun Bin added, “I had no idea that my chuckle had changed.” “I believe it changed organically since I watched Ye-jin laugh like that so much. When I looked at the meme, I noticed a lot of similarities.

Korean top star Hyun Bin (VAST Entertainment) Confidential Assignment 2
Korean top star Hyun Bin (VAST Entertainment)

The North Korean detective Chul-ryung (Hyun Bin) returns to South Korea in “Confidential Assignment 2: International” with a fresh assignment. Jang Myung-Joon, the head of North Korea’s criminal underworld, is his target (Jin Seon-kyu). Chul-ryung reunites with Detective Kang Jin-tae in South Korea (Yoo Hye-jin).

Chul-ryung, Jin-tae, and FBI Agent Jack (Daniel Henney) continue to pursue Myung-joon in the meantime.

Hyun Bin is portraying a North Korean-accented character for the third time. Along with the original “Confidential Assignment,” he also appeared in the popular drama series “Crash Landing on You” as a North Korean character.

Hyun Bin commented, “I don’t think I would have taken the role that speaks in a North Korean dialect if it wasn’t ‘Confidential Assignment 2’.” I had to rehearse the North Korean dialect because it was different from the one I used in “Confidential Assignment” and “Crash Landing on You.”

Before filming the sequel, the actor said he watched the original movie once more to make sure his character remained true to form.

Hyun Bin emphasized that he worked very hard on the first scene, which is set in New York, in particular. A thrilling action scene with co-star Henney takes place in New York during the movie’s prologue.

It was significant because it was the opening scene and demonstrated how the sequel’s size had increased, according to Hyun Bin.

Due to the COVID-19 scenario, the scene could not be filmed in New York, and Hyun Bin admitted that at first, he was really concerned.

“To recreate New York’s streets, the art team spent more than six months working on the set. “When I first arrived, I was astonished by how detailed it was,” the Korean actor said.

In 2005’s TV series “My Lovely Sam Soon,” which they had previously collaborated on 17 years earlier, he also discussed doing so again.

Since we already get along, performing with him was simple. Hyun Bin remarked, “I had the feeling I was still in 2005.

On Wednesday, the movie opens in theatres nearby.


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