New directors are anxious for the debut of “Kim Min-young”

Lee Jae-Eun and Lim Ji-sun, the two new directors of “Kim Min-young of the Report Card,” are anxious about the movie’s upcoming release despite the fact that they have won numerous awards at film festivals, including the top prize in the Korean competition category at the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival.

“One thing we worry about is that people who enjoy independent films have seen our movie at film festivals. So, in our opinion, the reaction was a little nicer. “When the movie is published, we fear that we may encounter harsher and more honest reactions,” Lim stated in an interview with The Korea Herald on Friday.

The movie, which Lee and Lim co-directed, tells the story of Jeong-hee (Kim Joo-ah) and her two closest friends, Min-young (Yoon Ah-Jung) and Soosanna (Son Da-Hyun). After graduating from high school, the three girls each take a different path, and as a result, their friendship gradually deteriorates.

Surprisingly, before working on this film together, both directors had only made a short film that was shot in one day at a course for beginning filmmakers.

The co-directors got to know one another during the workshop and joined forces for the project, which started out as a short film but ultimately turned into a feature.

The directors claimed that their inexperience served them well as they developed their own method of making the film.

Kim Min-young Directors Lee Jae-eun (left) and Lim Ji-sun (At Nine Film)
Directors Lee Jae-eun (left) and Lim Ji-sun (At Nine Film)

The main distinction between their methods of operation was that they produced photo storyboards.

“Unlike other filmmakers, we used images instead of drawing storyboards. We took pictures of the majority of the scenes we were going to film while dressing up as Jung-hee and Min-young, our respective two characters from the film, according to Lee.

Lee said that by going through this procedure, they were able to think of fresh concepts and realistic aspects that they had not considered while creating the script.

The usage of photo storyboards also served as inspiration for the concept of Min-young utilizing sit-up apparatus as a floor chair, a detail that makes viewers believe that the characters are genuinely in a home where a university student lives alone.

Lim continued, “We naturally found ourselves utilizing it as a chair when we were generating photo storyboards and included it in the movie.

The directors said that the time restriction led them to develop this original method of directing.

Kim Min-young
A scene from “Kim Min-young of the Report Card” directed by Lee Jae-eun and Lim Ji-sun (At Nine Film)

According to our knowledge, directors typically create storyboards and utilize them as a reference. “Then they check the precise movement and angle on the set,” Lim said. However, we lacked the time to complete all of that, so we had to find a means to begin filming immediately. When we photograph the scenes, it serves as the ideal reference for us because it demonstrates precisely how we should film the scenes.

Additionally, the two directors made certain that they were in agreement.

“We made sure we both liked everything in the movie, from the minor objects to the sequences. We reshot that moment if one of us wasn’t happy.

With this subject, Lee planned to make a movie about a girl who boldly addresses her disillusionment with her friends, and she prepared a short film script that would eventually be evolved into the full picture.

“When I realize that I value my friends more than they do, I am disappointed. “Although I am no longer in high school or middle school, there are times when I feel like I should disguise how I am feeling,” Lee, remarked. Jeong-Hee, however, is unique. I find it quite bold of her to make a friendship report card and communicate her dissatisfaction. I wanted to inspire the audience with that bravery.

On Wednesday, the movie “Kim Min-young of the Report Card” will be released in your area.


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