The LOONA’s Agency Issues a Statement Regarding Yeojin’s Health

“Member Yeojin experienced a temporary respiratory difficulty shortly after choreography at a performance in Mexico City, a mountainous environment,” Loona’s agency Blockberry Creative reported to iMBC Entertainment on the 30th.

“We will prioritize the artist’s health and safety,” she continued, “and we will help Yeojin so that she can quickly regain her health.”

LOONA held her final performance of the American leg of her first global tour, dubbed “2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD],” earlier that day, on the 28th (local time).

A video of Yeojin passing out on stage during the concert quickly went viral online following the performance. Her admirers are distressed and disturbed as a result of the numerous rumors that have been spread regarding her health.

During this time, LOONA began their first world tour following their initial performances on January 1 and 2, both at the Walton Theater in Los Angeles. In 13 locations, including Denver, Chicago, Washington, DC, and New York, she has interacted with local fans.

The full statement is provided below:

On August 28 (local time), the last concert for the Americas leg of LOONA’s first world tour “2022 LOONA 1st World Tour ‘LOONATHEWORLD’” took place.

On this day, member Yeojin temporarily had breathing issues after performing the choreography at the concert in Mexico City, which is at high altitude. She is in stable condition after having received immediate care from the on-site medical team.

The company will put the artist’s health and safety foremost and support Yeojin so that she can recover as soon as possible.

Source: Reddit

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