In “Little Women” Kim Go Eun Bravely Wants Out Wi Ha Joon And Oh Jung Se

The 4th saw the publication of a still cut from the reunion scene starring Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun), Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-jun), and Shin Hyun-min from the Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women” (authored by Jeong Seo-kyung / directed by Kim Hee-won) (Oh Jeong-se). Oh In-ju, who hurled her letter of resignation before turning around, piques interest as to why she would be returning to see them.

From the first episode, “Little Women” received positive feedback. It was tough to take your eyes off of it due to the unpredictable evolution that the unpredictable and elegant mise-en-scene depicted.


Three sisters, Oh In-ju, Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun), and Oh In-hye (Park Ji-hoo), who experienced a dizzying turn of events when a large sum appeared, were drawn in the first episode. In-hye Oh started to want an escape from her impoverished family, Kyung Oh was informed of her alcohol problem and suspended, and In-ju Oh was shocked to learn that her particular buddy had died in connection with unlawful slush funds. Oh In-joo, meantime, discovered the ideal card and money bag to completely upend her world, whetting her curiosity and hinting at the impending storm for them.

Little Women
tvN ‘Little Women’

Oh In-Joo and Shin Hyun-min engage in a heated nervous conflict in the still cuts that were made public on this day. Oh In-Joo is making firm eye contact with Shin Hyun-min, making even her energy palpable. Oh In-Joo appeared to be of interest to Choi Do-il, who couldn’t take his eyes off of her. In the same manner, Shin Hyun-min approaches Oh In-nose Joo while he was being watched. She is tenser as a result of the unsettling interest in Shin Hyun-gaze min as he looks up at Oh In-Ju.

The two individuals who earlier pressed Oh In-ju to assist in the hunt for illicit slush funds that Jinhwa-young stole while he was alive. Since Oh In-Ju, who had previously rejected the offer, has now amassed a sizable sum of money, the focus is shifting to the upcoming, more exciting tale about the calculations that will be made to locate them.

The production team of ‘Little Women’ noted, “The three sisters accelerate up even faster to attain their individual aims. Please anticipate the tale of “Little Women,” which will broaden the theatre much further, he continued.

Little Women is shown every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m.


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