Dia ends their seven-year story by saying, “Rooting For You”

Before formally ending their seven-year adventure together, Dia’s final single is a way for them to express “Rooting For You” to their supporters and fellow band members.

On Tuesday, Pocketbol Studio revealed Dia would release its last song together on September 15. The six-member girl group will break up on September 14 when its contract expires.

The agency presented the artwork for the single’s cover, which featured a calendar page from September 2015—the month Dia made its debut—highlighted with the group’s iconic first moves and handwritten notes from the members.

The forthcoming single will consist of two tracks, one of which will be the self-penned “Rooting For You” by member Ki Hui-Hyeon.

The Dia members will perform the song once on a TV music program once the single is released, the agency reported.

K-pop group Dia (Pocketbol Studio)  Rooting For You
K-pop group Dia (Pocketbol Studio)
Dia’s potential breakup was publicized by Pocketbol Studio in May. It stated that Dia would release her upcoming album in August and that it would be her final release before the group’s members’ exclusive deal with Pocketbol Studio expires.

After making the announcement, the agency informed local media outlets that the band had decided to split up with the August record serving as the final product.

Even though the album has already been reduced to a two-song single and is now a month overdue, the Dia members have upheld their final commitment to the fans.

Cover image of Dia's new single Rooting For You
Cover image of Dia’s new single “Rooting For You” set for release on Sept. 15 (Pocketbol Studio)

The group Dia, whose name is an acronym for “do it awesome,” debuted on September 14, 2015, with an album of the same name. Before settling on the current six members in 2020, the group’s original roster included seven singers and underwent a number of modifications. Eunice, Hui-hyeon, Yebin, Jung Chae-yeon, Eun-chae, and Ju-eun make up the group.

Hui-hyeon and Chae-yeon took a preliminary leave from Dia in 2015 to compete in Mnet’s survival show “Produce 101,” while the group’s leader Seung-hee left the group the following spring because his contract with Pocketbol Studio, then known as MBK Entertainment, had expired.

The group came to public attention as a result of Chae-meteoric yeon’s popularity on the audition show, despite many fans’ complaints that Chae-yeon was unable to concentrate on Dia. The girl group I.O.I. Dia’s following record, its first EP, “Happy Ending,” represented the group’s highest scores on the music charts, probably due to the attention Chae-yeon brought. She later became one of the final winners to debut as Mnet’s project girl group I.O.I.

Prior to the release of “Happy Ending,” member Eun-chae joined the group. The next year, Ju-eun and Somyi—the latter of whom left the group in 2020—joined. By that time, Chae-yeon had finished I.O.I as well, and the septet appeared to be regaining its footing. “Yolo,” the group’s second full-length album as a nonet, was released in April 2017.

But the group kept experiencing problems. Former member Somyi took a break from Dia as she was one of the victors on KBS’ idol reboot show “The Unit” and had her redebut as a UNI.T member. In March 2018, Eun-jin announced an abrupt resignation owing to health reasons.

Dia released its fourth EP, “Summer Ade,” in April 2018 while Somyi was away, and to everyone’s surprise, it helped the group win its first music show at SBS’ “The Show.” The group’s subsequent EP, “Newtro,” likewise made it to “The Show” finalist status the following year but was unsuccessful in taking home the top spot. The final album released prior to Somyi and Jenny’s departure was titled “Newtro.”

Without Chae-yeon and Somyi, Dia released its sixth EP, “Flower 4 Seasons,” in May 2020. Somyi had been absent from all of the group’s itineraries since December 2019, but the label announced in January 2022 that she had “a long time ago” quit the band.

Since then, Dia has been on an indefinite sabbatical, with none of the members pursuing careers as a unit or individually. Therefore, few fans were shocked when the label revealed in May that Dia would stop with the contract termination in September.

Seven years is the maximum length that artists and agencies can sign a contract in South Korea, and around this time, many groups disband or lose members.

Dia members are willing to complete their seven-year narrative with a dignified farewell to their fans, who have supported them throughout the years, even after all the ups and downs. The song “Rooting For You” may be a message to these supporters as well as one the band members themselves wish to hear.

Dia members included handwritten letters thanking Ade, the group’s official fandom, on the album cover of “Rooting For You.” The notes read, “Ade, you have helped us shine bright,” and “Thank you for walking at our pace, at our side, wherever and whenever.”

Dia’s last single “Rooting For You” will be out at 6 p.m. on Sept. 15.


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