Concerns Are Raised Over The Free BTS Concert In Busan

Concerns over a massive BTS concert in Busan are growing as issues relating to an inflow of concertgoers remain unsolved prior to the event’s start in October.

The K-pop septet will perform on October 15 in Gijang-gun of Busan under the name “BTS ‘Yet to Come’ in Busan” in an effort to aid the coastal city in its ambition to host the 2030 World Expo. Honorary ambassadors for the 2030 Busan World Expo are the seven BTS members.

The concert is anticipated to draw 110,000 spectators, making it the largest single event to ever take place in Busan. In addition to the 100,000-person capacity main venue in Gijang-gun, a separate space for 10,000 spectators with a real-time broadcast of the concert will be set up at the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal, about 36 kilometers south of the main stadium.

Since their live performance in Seoul in March, BTS hasn’t performed in South Korea; this will be their first joint performance since they declared an official break to concentrate on their solo careers in June.

Concerns Are Raised Over The Free BTS Concert In Busan
BTS poses for picture at the act`s appointment ceremony as ambassadors of 2030 Busan World Expo on July 19, 2021. (Big Hit Music)

However, as Busan prepares for the enormous population, difficulties are only getting worse as the excitement grows.

The growing cost of lodging is one issue at hand. When the concert date was announced on August 24, every room in Gijang-gun and the surrounding areas were immediately booked, and room rates increased by up to 10 times their regular levels. After canceling confirmed reservations to resell the rooms at a higher price, some hoteliers faced criticism.

Busan has vowed to take legal action against such misconduct. Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-joon stated that the city will collaborate with connected organizations, such as the Fair Trade Commission, to look into the situation and lay out the necessary steps at a meeting attended by relevant authorities on August 30.

Concerns Are Raised Over The Free BTS Concert In Busan
Poster of “BTS `Yet To Come` in Busan” concert set for Oct. 15, 2022. (Big Hit Music)

The performance site’s lack of public infrastructure is also anticipated to cause a number of issues, including audience safety concerns.

One issue is the serious traffic confusion. The only available form of public transportation, Ilgwang Station, will be the location for the event, which will take place at a makeshift site set up on vacant land close to the coast. No cars will be allowed on site that day; the majority of participants will be walking from the train to the venue along a congested two-lane road in a residential neighborhood.

The location itself has also drawn criticism.

A map provided by Big Hit on Tuesday shows that there is only one gate leading into and out of the temporary structure, which makes it appear too small to accommodate 100,000 people. The majority of venues that host performances of this scale typically have a number of gates arranged around the building; for example, the 66,000-seat Seoul World Cup Stadium has 22 gates, while the 65,00-seat Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul has 54 gates.

Although the local government has declared a number of efforts to reduce confusion near the arena, nothing has been confirmed as of yet, and it is uncertain whether these precautions will be successful in averting chaos as around 110,000 spectators wander around the city.

The city announced its intention to temporarily expand public transit by adding more buses, Metro trains, and airplanes that travel between Seoul and Busan. Additionally, the administration is considering running cruise ships and speedboats between Busan Port and Gijang-gun.

The septet’s first promotional event as representatives for the prospective 2030 Busan World Expo will be their concert in October. The group’s nine-year career will be the subject of “2022 BTS Exhibition: Proof,” which will begin on October 5 at Haeundae LCT, and other related events are anticipated to take place in Busan during the same month.


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