Astory, the creators of “Attorney Woo,” emphasise the value of IP at BCWW 2022

At Art Halls 1 and 2 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Jung-gu, Seoul, Broadcast Worldwide 2022, an annual event showcasing South Korea’s excellent content and insights into the broadcast industry worldwide, began its three-day run.

With its two prior events taking place online, BCWW was thrilled to welcome visitors and industry insiders who were interested in the captivating Korean creative materials.

The opening day event on Wednesday started with a session on the strength and future of K-contents, with Yoo In-sik, the series’ director, and Lee Sang-baek, CEO of Astory, the production company behind “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

In order to emphasize the significance of IP ownership, Lee talked about his most recent international smash series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” as well as his vision for the future of Korean entertainment.

“Recently, I was frequently questioned by friends and the media about why I decided to collaborate with the obscure TV station ENA. “And everything was connected to IP ownership,” Lee remarked at the BCWW 2022 special session.

Lee stated that keeping IP ownership of his courtroom drama private was his first goal when it came to television production.

According to Lee, IP ownership is one of the most crucial survival strategies for small- and medium-sized production companies, such as my company, Astory.

Astory CEO Lee Sang-baek speaks in a conference at Broadcast Worldwide 2022 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Jung-gu, Seoul. (KOCCA)
Astory CEO Lee Sang-baek speaks in a conference at Broadcast Worldwide 2022 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Jung-gu, Seoul. (KOCCA)
The CEO of Astory claimed that despite his company’s creation of the “Kingdom” global zombie sensation, he was unable to transform the series into a cash cow to produce even more exquisite material.

Lee added. The webtoon, musical, and potential American adaptation are just a few of the ways Woo Young-woo’s content can be enjoyed by drama lovers thanks to Astory’s decision to partner with ENA.

Lee further stated that there was still an opportunity for improvement in the Korean content.

“South Korea has a low domestic consumption rate.” According to the CEO, it’s interesting to note that, thanks to our prowess, we have increased the market for our products in Asian nations, which may be why we can make so many high-quality series.

Lee was of the opinion that the next might be accomplished by collaborating with American businesses and elevating production expertise to Hollywood-company levels in order to provide a more engaging experience for many viewers.

“I don’t think this is an unattainable dream with exceptional content creators, screenwriters, and performers,” he continued.

The discussion about the content studios’ business strategies in building partnerships, Korean content, and format continued on Wednesday with industry insiders and experts, including ITV Studio Vice President Ella Umansky, Studio Dragon Head of Global Division Park Hyun, and SLL Head of Production Business Unit Park Joon-Suh, among others.

Other workshops on content trends in the streaming era, new potential for Korean drama, and other topics will be held on Thursday.

More than 600 buyers and representatives from 31 nations, including NBC Universal, Amazon Prime, and Warner Media, have registered for the event, according to Korean Creative Content Agency.

The BCWW 2022 event began on Wednesday and will end on Friday.

On the official website of BCWW, you can also view the conferences and displays online.


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