the French series is a hit around the globe thanks to Netflix

the French series is a hit around the globe thanks to Netflix

Audrey Fleurot dans Les Combattantes 1564670

This program carried by Audrey Fleurot was the second most watched non-English speaking series worldwide on the platform.

The Fighters is it the new French series that will be a hit internationally? This is what its new popularity on Netflix suggests: last week, this program initially broadcast on TF1 last September was second in the ranking of non-Anglophone series the platform’s most-watched videos worldwide, with more than 24 million hours watched over seven days.

Renamed Women at War Abroad, this series created by Camille Treiner and Cécile Lorne follows four women opposed by everything in the middle of the First World War in the East of France, played by Audrey Fleurot, Julie de Bona, Sofia Essaïdi and Camille Lou. The eight-episode program had been successful, both with critics and audiences, during its four weeks of broadcast in France. And it now exports wonderfully.

Cardboard in around sixty countries

According to figures published by the site FlixPatrol, The Fighters is this Wednesday in the Top 10 of some sixty countries, spread over the four corners of the world: it is second in Argentina and Australia, fourth in the United States, fifth in Saudi Arabia, fourth in the Philippines, first in Norway and in the Nederlands…

Delayed international influence (The Fighters is available on Netflix since October 28) which is reminiscent of that of Ten percent. Broadcast on France 2 between 2015 and 2020, this series by Fanny Herrero was a worldwide success thanks to its broadcast on Netflix, under the title Call My Agent!. Remakes have flourished in several countries, the New York Times retained it in its series ranking of 2021 and it was crowned best comedy series at the International Emmy Awards that same year.


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