Pete Davidson dumped Kim Kardashian A Comedian’s Friend Has Claims

According to a friend of the comedian, Pete Davidson dumped Kim Kardashian, and the breakup was not mutual.

When the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live performer and the 41-year-old reality star started dating after Kim hosted the show in late 2017, it raised more than a few eyebrows, but as the months passed, it became clear that they were content with each other.

Pete got to know Kim’s kids and her family, who made an appearance on their reality show and didn’t seem to be bothered by her ex-husband Kanye West’s irate public outbursts and hazy threats.

Even though he got the initials of Kim and her children tattooed on his body only a few months into the relationship, Pete may have been more troubled by Kim’s “baggage” than he let on.

Reports stated that the decision to end their relationship was amicable when the former couple parted ways in July, but an old acquaintance of Pete believes this is not the case.

Staten Island native and talk show presenter Johnny Potenza, who gave Pete his first TV role back in 2010, said to The Sun: “I think Kim had too much baggage for him.”

She is 20 years older, has four children, and was formerly married to Kanye West, who was constantly causing trouble for them, the man contended.

Kanye was provoking fights with him and abusing him. It was a pitiful love play and was juvenile for a man his age.

Johnny continued to spout gossip, claiming that “most” residents of Pete’s hometown had publicly predicted that his and Kim’s relationship “wouldn’t endure,” and that “everyone was startled” when they started dating.

Pete has remained relatively mum about his relationship with Kim and how they split up, but the mother-of-four recently raved about her ex-boyfriend in a new interview, calling him a “cutie.”

She told Interview Magazine, “He’s literally such a good person, they don’t actually make them like him anymore.”

I’m enthusiastic for what he has coming ahead, she continued.

After dating Pete for 13 years (not 20, as Johnny said), it has been rumoured that Kim is looking to date someone older.

Kim has stated that she is ready to date an older man, but he needs to be the proper man who can relate to her situation, a source told E! News in August.


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