KSI immediately responded when Andrew Tate requested a fight with him, calling him “full of s***.”

Andrew Tate, a controversial kickboxer, warned KSI that if they ever entered the ring together, he would “break every bone in your f***ing face.”

Tate recently had his Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts deleted from the internet. The former Big Brother participant was getting billions of views, but his videos and his statements against women were always drawing a lot of criticism and ire.

Rapper Swarmz and Mexican boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda were recently defeated by KSI, real name Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, in the same fight at the O2 Arena. Andrew Tate was recognized by KSI after the competition, who yelled, “Andrew Tate! I desire a little of that. Tate did not appear to take that message well, it is fair to say.

KSI vs Andrew Tate

Tate remarked on his Rumble account, via Sportsbible, “This is a personal message to you KSI, I had no problem with you, I don’t fking know you, and I don’t watch your bullst YouTube channel, but when I get banned, you want to go from a fan to just quickly fleeing out to the matrix.”

Tate yelled, “That makes you a hypocrite.” “Nothing is more repulsive than a man who is a hypocrite.

“Jake Paul at least had the character to advocate for free expression. Jake would smash your fking face in if you ever got into a fight with him. Additionally, I’ll fking smoke you myself if you want to get smoked twice!

“You’re a fking hypocrite and full of sht. You are aware that the things you have said in the past are worse than anything I have ever fked uttered. I’ll fight you for twelve rounds, breaking every bone in your fking face. Stupid as fk. F*k KSI.”

Tate and KSI both responded to the American right away, making fun of his predicament. He wrote on Twitter, “Crying from outside the club.”

“Soon, Jake Paul and you can obtain it. ALL THE SMOKE, PLEASE.”


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