JUSTIN BIEBER Grandmother Kathy Bieber Involved in Fiery Car Crash Exclusive Report

JUSTIN BIEBER Grandmom Kathy Bieber’s convertible was hit while she was stopped on a street in Stratford, Ontario on Saturday (2 July).

Justin Bieber’s grandmother almost died in a fiery car accident that she barely escaped.

The word of the accident was shared on Saturday via a FB page for Stratford, which features classic cars and expos in the Canadian region of Ontario… where Bieber is related. The aftermath of the accident was captured in a photo posted by a page administrator, asking for help from the community to identify its owner.

Another guy, Brandan Stephen, also claimed to be related to Justin. He also claimed that he was in that accident and that Kathy Bieber — JB’s grandma on his dad Jeremy’s side — was the original owner of the convertible. She too was inside.

JUSTIN BIEBER Grandmother Kathy Bieber  fiery car accident
Jamie Rohan Ramdwar/Facebook

People on the page wanted more information about what had happened. Brandan responded that we were at a stop because a car was turning left in front of us. They claim that a distracted driver then rear-ended us.

He continued, saying that it was not good to have to get my grandmother out of the car. It could have been extremely dangerous if we remained in the car for more than 5 seconds while the doors were still locked.

People actually tagged Jeremy Bieber’s FB page in the comments. Kathy also has photos of her posing with the car. This is the same Kathy Justin posed with in the past, but when he was younger.

JUSTIN BIEBER Grandmother Kathy Bieber

Although there aren’t many photos of him with Kathy, her husband George, Jeremy’s biological dad, they do exist and are well-documented online. Jeremy’s stepmother is Kathy, who is also Justin’s stepgrandmother.

We have reached out to all parties affected for more information. No word has been heard from the other parties.

Source: TMZ


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