Ezra Miller Accused Of Choking And Harassing Women

Ezra Miller’s long list of accusations and legal problems continues to grow. A woman from Iceland and one from Germany have spoken out against Miller over the years. They also shared their personal experiences with Miller. When it was first reported in April 2020, the Icelandic incident made headlines. The Footage was released that showed Miller placing the woman in a chokehold, and then pushing her down to the ground. The incident was first reported by Variety. She relates that Miller had visible scars on his feet from wearing flip-flops. Miller said they were “battle marks” and the woman laughed that she could take Miller to fight. Miller confronted the woman outside the bar, leading to the choking incident.

Berlin woman also spoke out, recounting an incident in her apartment with Ezra Miller on February 20, 2022. They had had a previous consensual sexual encounter in 2020, and they had kept in touch. Miller visited her apartment and they began to get heated. They hadn’t been together since then. After talking to Miller about Miller’s comments calling her “transphobic” or “Nazi,” she convinced Miller to flee after calling the police.

Ezra Miller was only a month away from being arrested in Hawaii for disorderly behavior and harassment. Miller was again arrested in Hawaii for second-degree assault in April. He allegedly threw the chair at a woman, leaving a mark on her forehead. Miller was placed with two protection orders after the Hawaii arrests. Two sets of parents filed grooming allegations against Miller. The first came from the parents of a Standing Rock Indian Reservation girl in North and South Dakota who claimed Miller had manipulated their daughter between 12 and 18 years old. Parents in Massachusetts have another order regarding an incident that involved their 12-yea- old daughter.

It is unclear how long the studios that work with Ezra Miller will continue to tolerate the legal problems and allegations. Warner Bros is reportedly going ahead with the blockbuster The Flash. It was too expensive to replace Miller in all the scenes they had shot. Miller plays the title role. The film is described as a movie about the multiverse with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton playing Bruce Wayne/Batman.

After The Flash is released, it seems unlikely that Warner Bros would want to continue to work with Ezra Miller. It will be available in June 2023. Many fans have expressed their disapproval ot Miller’s appearance in the movie. They called for him to be replaced either by Grant Gustin, the star of The Flash TV series, or another actor. The Dali Land project that Miller is currently working on is the one in which they will play a young Salvador Dali. The allegations are not yet clear.


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