Ezra Miller Alleged For Hostage A Mother And Their Kids On Farm filled with weeds and guns

Ezra Miller involves another controversy involving a family living at Miller’s residence in Vermont.

In the words of According to Rolling Stones, The Flash star has been residing with their parents and their children over the past two months, and the father of the children claims his family is at risk. According to the report, two others who appear to have knowledge of this issue claim that the children reside in dangerous surroundings in the house, since it is dotted with guns that are and guns left by Miller. One of the shocking aspects concerning the incident is an individual’s claims, who asserts there was a case where one child played with a gun inside her mouth.

The mother of the situation feels she and her children are in good hands and the fact that Ezra Miller provided a safe refuge for her children since they were able to escape the abusive home from her previous ex. She also stated that the guns found in Miller’s house are for self-defense and they are safely stored away from children.

“They might have guns for self-defense and they are kept in a specific area of the home that children do not enter… I’m happy that my children can more easily relax in their healing due to the security and care Ezra has provided to them.”

The report said that his children and mother were taken away from Hawaii following a meeting with The Fantastic Beast star when the actor was in town. While in Hawaii, Miller had been detained twice on allegations of harassment as well as beating.

Apart from these weapons in the case, it mentions that the residents are using cannabis heavily in front of the kids, with Miller being accused of growing a marijuana cultivation farm in their home in addition.

The list of allegations against Miller is growing as of late, with the latest one being an allegation of harassment by a family that involved an older mother and her 12-year-old child in Massachusetts.


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