For imitating the “black men frolicking” fad with a rain clip, Drew Barrymore has been accused of racism.

In response to a social media post in which she was seen dancing in the rain during a storm, Drew Barrymore has been charged with racism.

In a now-viral TikTok video, a user attacked the 47-year-old actress, saying Drew had imitated a fad known as “black men frolicking.”

She was “disrespecting and rejecting the boundaries” of the black TikTok community, according to them.

Using the app, the user @amushroomblackly called Drew out, saying: “We both know that you are capable of frolicking and enjoying the rain without shooting it and uploading it on TikTok.

They stated that Drew “co-signed individuals who consciously disregard and disregard the limitations imposed by black inventors.”

She continued in the video that was uploaded to Libs of TikTok’s Twitter account. “And now you’re one of those individuals.”

The video of the Hollywood diva walking outside in the rain while addressing her followers infuriated the TikTok user “When you can, venture outside in the rain. Don’t let the chance pass you by “.

They charged the actress with mimicking a trend that went viral and was allegedly initiated by the TikTok user @thexsadxoptimistic.

Drew Barrymore has been accused of racism
Drew was accused of copying black creators on TikTok (Photo by Tim Hunter / Newspix via Getty Images)

In a video that he released in May, the user could be heard screaming, “Oh my god, I’m sprinting around a field frolicking!”

The hashtag #blackmenfrolicking was used more than 600,000 times as a result of the video’s meteoric rise in popularity on social media.

Hundreds of followers defended the actress on social media after the TikTok user called Drew out.
I’ve viewed this video six times; could you kindly explain why it’s racist?, one person wrote.

one more said: “I’m still perplexed as to why the woman is so upset with Drew Barrymore. Never in my life have I been so perplexed. Is it racist to like the rain?”

While Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman, a politician, tweeted: “I’m very perplexed. Someone, please let me know how playing in the rain is related to black people “.

Drew previously talked about her famous rain video and how viewers recreated it.

She stated to People: “I’m such a hippy that whenever I see rain, all I can think about is going outside to get a little baptism from Mother Nature while being completely carefree.

“I do tend to stress and worry a lot. I’m not a hippie either, and I consider myself to be a person who likes to take initiative, run a business, and do tasks.

“And a great deal of anxiety and tension follow from that…

Rain serves as a reminder to relax and quit overanalyzing everything.”


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