Whitney Heard, The Sister of Amber Heard, has called MTV “Disgusting” Because Johnny Depp Appeared at the VMAs

The actor, who defeated his ex-wife in a defamation lawsuit earlier this year, appeared virtually throughout the awards presentation as the MTV Moonman mascot.

He was heard adding, “I needed the work,” in a small clip that was only broadcast on television.

In another, he jokingly joked that he would be available to viewers at home if they were interested.

I only wanted to let you know that I was available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, wakes, and anything else you might require.

Oh, I’m a dentist too.

Whitney Heard, a witness at the trial, criticized the appearance and wrote on Instagram, “@MTV you’re filthy and obviously desperate!”

I sincerely hope that none of the callers have daughters.

Whitney Heard, The Sister of Amber Heard

She continued by adding the hashtags #DVMAs (DV is frequently used as an acronym for “domestic violence”) and #IStandWithAmberHeard.

Regarding Depp’s appearance, the VMAs have not made any public statements.

Heard wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post in 2018 that discussed her experience with domestic abuse, and he successfully sued her for it earlier this year.

Despite the fact that his name was not mentioned in the article, his defense team contended that it implied he had abused the Aquaman actress physically and sexually throughout the course of their relationship—something he vehemently denied.

Heard received $2 million (£1.7 million) after winning one count of her $100 million (£85 million) countersuit allegations, while the jury ultimately found in his favor and granted him $10 million (£8.5 million) instead of the $50 million (£42 million) he had previously requested.

Following the conclusion of his well-publicized trial, Depp recently returned to the set of a movie, and now official photos of his impending role as King Louis XV in the French historical drama Jeanne Du Barry have been revealed.

In addition, it was revealed that he will be making his first return to directing in 25 years with a biopic on the painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani.


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