Woody Allen denies he is retiring

Woody Allen has backed down and now says that he is not retiring.

by Britta DeVore | published

In what is considered the shortest retirement in history, director and alleged sex offender, Woody Allen, has announced that he does not actually plan to end his longtime Hollywood career. After commenting in a Spanish magazine in which the director pointed to the fact that his upcoming 50th feature, wasp 22 Will be his last, he issued a statement today revealing that this is simply not the case. Over the years, the once widely celebrated creative has been criticized more widely by the general public and past collaborators for allegations that have surfaced since he sexually abused Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan. , when she was a child.

Woody Allen’s initial announcement came as a shock to many as the director has continued to feature features despite allegations that nothing has slowed down. While interviews said he was ready to move on to other projects, including writing novels, Allen’s recent statement said it was all just a big misunderstanding and that he isn’t leaving the entertainment business anytime soon. He says the miscommunication comes from the fact that he’s not so sure he wants to get into the streaming game, sticking to making movies only for theatrical release because online platforms aren’t “so enjoyable for him.” “

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The news is divisive for those who love the director versus for those who were hoping that his career would end. When news broke a few months ago that Woody Allen was trying to film his new movie in Paris, where he resides with his husband, Soon-Yi Previn, many were wondering if he would actually go with it. . Finally, after the resurrection of midnight in Paris Director’s Alleged Crimes Via HBO Documentary, allen vs farrowMany more one-time fans were turning their backs on him for good.

The documentary tells about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s relationship, the lives they lead, and the children they raised together. As deeply heartbreaking as it is, the project centers around allegations made by Farrow’s daughter, Dylan, that she was sexually abused by the award-winning director when she was a child. The four-part series used a stream of interviews from professionals and people closest to the family to tell the story, giving viewers tons of information to call for themselves.

Outside of his time in the limelight for his alleged illegal behavior, Woody Allen is known for making some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. From Drew Barrymore to Emma Stone, it seems like the director has worked with everyone during his decades-long career. Known for forging deep character relationships with impeccable comedic timing, at one point, everyone was ready to add their names to the call sheets for Allen’s next feature.

As of yet, no casting announcement has been made for Woody Allen. wasp 22, so it’s unclear who will be joining the cast for the once acclaimed director’s latest feature. While he isn’t retiring at the moment, with so many movies going straight to the streaming platform, the director’s future productions could be a bit slow.


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