Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2 Was Almost a Musical

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay almost made Anchorman 2 a musical, but it was too much work.

by Douglas Helm | published

first anchorman A great spontaneous musical moment is featured in the film. When asked about love, Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy hinted at a provocative rendition of the Starlight vocal band’s “Afternoon Delight”. Now, what if the whole anchorman 2 The song (and dance) depicts the cast bursting out?

Well, it almost went down that way. According to Will Ferrell and anchorman Director Adam McKay, anchorman 2 There was almost a Broadway musical. in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Before the release of the sequel, McKay talked about how the concept of music almost became a reality, “We thought we could do like the old Marx Brothers model, where we did it on stage for six months. , tightened up all the jokes, and then we shot it.”


Apparently, Will Ferrell’s former President George W. The idea emerged after the successful Broadway run of Will Ferrell, playing Bush. welcome america, Although anchorman 2 Music was never meant to be, as the prospect became too much for the cast and crew. Essentially, they realized that the music would have been of a lot more work than a straightforward comedy film, so now we have Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesWhich is a huge consolation prize.

whereas Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Not living up to the high expectations of its predecessor, which was a decade old at the time of the sequel’s release, it was a huge box office success. first anchorman It did well with $90.7 million worldwide, but the sequel almost doubled, grossing $173.6 million worldwide. This should come as no surprise though, as Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy and the rest of the Channel 4 news team became cultural comedy icons in the wake of the first film’s release.

Given the cast of the first film, it’s honestly a bit surprising that Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was not a great success. The film starred Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Kochner, Fred Willard, Chris Parnell, Katherine Hahn and other comedians in bit roles. It was the feature-length directorial debut of Adam McKay, whose career has only exploded since then.

In addition to directing Will Ferrell Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy And Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesMcKay directed him in several other comedy classics, including Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, step brotherAnd other people, After becoming one of the most credible directors for solid, goofy comedy films, McKay would turn to iconic films like the big short And vice presidentto win an Oscar for the big short is in process. Recently at the Academy Awards, he received two nominations for his work Don’t look up

anchorman 2

Although Will Ferrell hasn’t starred in a McKay movie for a while, the two are totally crushing it with the projects they produced together. Ferrell and McKay are both executive producers. succession – Arguably the best show on TV right now. Emmys voters seem to agree, as the series recently won Outstanding Drama Series at the 2022 ceremony.

This isn’t the first time Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have taken home a top-tier Emmy succession, The series won the same award in 2020 and garnered a total of 13 Emmy wins with tons of nominations. However, just because Will Ferrell is producing mostly with McKay instead of starring in his own films, doesn’t mean we won’t see Ferrell as an actor soon.

While we’ll probably never get to see anchorman musically, we’ll get to see Will Ferrell in a musical role before the end of the year brave, brave is a musical retelling of a Charles Dickens classic Christmas Carol With Ryan Reynolds as Ebenezer Scrooge and Pharrell as Ghost of Christmas Present.

Will Ferrell’s Most Anticipated Film on the Docket Is Definitely Upcoming barbie Movies. barbie There’s a ton of hype behind it, so let’s hope it lives up to the expectations. Margot Robbie is playing Kane with Ryan Gosling, and Greta Gerwig is directing and co-writing the screenplay with Noah Baumbach.

While we wait for Will Ferrell’s upcoming projects, you can see him in the 2021 series Shrink Next Door on Apple TV+. Shrink Next Door stars Will Ferrell with him anchorman co-star Paul Rudd as his psychotherapist. Otherwise, you can always go back and see anchorman Movies – Both are valid options.


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