Why the attractive actress was never seen in the reboot?

Charmed got a reboot on The CW but Holly Marie Combs was not involved at all, nor was any of the original cast.

by Doug Norie | published

Holly Marie Combs looked like she was on television forever. Growing up in San Diego, she hit the screens in her teens, eventually appearing in only three television shows spanning an acting career of 17 years. picket fence, enchanted, And pretty Little Liars, It’s an impressive run for someone who was a household face and name during the better part of the 2000s.

And though she hasn’t been seen much on screen lately, she has been in news with some minor social media dustups with old colleagues. Let’s take a look at Holly Marie Combs’ career and what she’s up to now.

Charmed Was Rebooted But Holly Marie Combs Wasn’t Involved

enchanted cast
Charmed. Key Cast

Although Charmed Officially ending in 2006, The CW rebooted it in 2018 with an entirely new cast. it didn’t take long Charmed alum and holly marie combs recently had to act as some Cast a peacemaker on social media After McGowan mixed it up with newcomer Sarah Jeffrey.

But she was not just an innocent when it came to this feud. Holly Marie Combs Basically Had Some Not-So-Good Things To Say About The Update Charmed, including digging into the show To dilute the hard work of the original, while not bringing much new to the story. He also pointed to the idea that they should have named the new work something different. In his mind it was just a reboot in name.

Ultimately, the show would run for four seasons, though they decided not to include any of the original cast members in the reboot or ask for their input. It appeared that the series was trying to distance itself from the first round.

But how did it get to this point, and how did Holly Marie Combs’ career unfold?

he started over the picket fence

holly marie combs

If you’re like me, you were first introduced to Holly Marie Combs on a Friday evening, as you and family sat and watched picket fence. A relative unknown at the time played Kimberly Brock, the teenage daughter of Sheriff Jimmy Brock, played by the legendary Tom Skerritt.

If you’re like me, you also had a mini-crush on Combs’ character as he navigated the constantly odd worlds of Rome, Wisconsin, and all of its Pecadillos. Holly Marie Combs appeared on the show’s full four-year run before it was eventually canceled in 1996.

Holly Marie Combs Became a Star on Charmed

Piper on Charmed

If picket fence helped launch a budding acting career, then her role Charmed when it was frozen. In 1998 Holly Marie Combs played Piper Halliwell on the WB series. He starred alongside Shannen Doherty, fresh off their run on Beverly Hills 90210 And Alyssa Milano who has just completed one term Melrose Place and was removed for a few years Who is the owner?

The trio play the Halliwell sisters who arrive to discover that they are actually *blessed* with the powers of witches. The show, while silly, ran an eight-season long run on The WB.

holly marie combs
Holly Marie Combs on Charmed

Holly Marie Combs played the middle sister who could control time and space, stopping things in their tracks. The show was particularly appealing, with an average of 4–7 million viewers per episode during its run, and the addition of Rose McGowan as another sister along the way.

she was on a very small lie

holly marie combs

Later Charmed Going off the air in 2006, Holly Marie Combs took on a few minor and forgettable roles in television movies before landing on ABC Family. pretty Little Liars in 2010. Given the length of his career, it makes sense that Combs began on-air as a teenager. picket fence But now she was playing the role of a mother in the series.

Considering the often fickle nature of television programming, it is notable that Holly Marie Combs’ three major acting turns were all solid runs on the small screen. pretty Little Liars Lasted for seven seasons, it eventually went off air in 2017. Sure, he didn’t have the same star turn we saw Charmed Considering the show to be a teen drama, but it is shown in a lot of story in the show.

pretty Little Liars
Holly Marie Combs on Pretty Little Liars

there are some speculations pretty Little Liars May return as a feature-length film, but it’s unclear if Holly Marie Combs will reprise her role if that happens.

Holly Marie Combs had a reality show with Shannen Doherty

holly marie combs

In 2015, Holly Marie Combs was reunited with her Charmed *Star* from co-star Doherty off the map with shannon and holly On the great American country. It was a road trip show when the two visited and visited various places in the South. They descended upon venues and events such as the Bourbon Distillery, Pope Creek Ranch’s annual tomato fight, a moonlit outfit as well as popular restaurants and concerts.

off the map with shannon and holly It was barely reviewed and lasted only six episodes before GAC removed it from its programming schedule.

Holly Marie Combs hasn’t acted in two years

holly marie combs

after leaving pretty Little LiarsActing roles for Holly Marie Combs have been few and far between. For starters, even at the height of his powers Charmed, Combs rarely saw much in the way of dramatic roles. In fact, his only uncredited film work after 1995 (and believe me there wasn’t much before that) was a non-credited appearance. Ocean’s Eleven,

So the film work has never really been and Holly Marie Combs is less of a reality series after dropping the only actual appearance. pretty Little Liars, Had a starring role in Bad Reviews hallmark channel television movie love is complicated, But that was four years ago in 2016 and there has been little talk since then.

she is married to mike ryan

Maybe this is for him, given that money isn’t a huge factor for him at the moment. According to the Cheat Sheet, Combs Made $60,000 per episode during his walk CharmedBanking the show over the years has a net worth of $6.7 million with $14 million.

Maybe she too is just enjoying married life. In 2019, Holly Marie Combs married restaurant financier mike ryan, The latter is the owner of the Mexican-style restaurant Xoc in Woodland Hills, California, which is Both met in 2016,

This was Combs’ third marriage. He has three teenagers from his previous marriage. Maybe after more than 25 years of continuous work in Hollywood, Holly Marie Combs is taking time out to spend with family and with her new husband. This would explain some of his credit crunch over the years.

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Holly Marie Combs on screen. even though netflix removed Charmed From its catalog in 2020, some rumors have surfaced that may netflix green light Charmed reunion on stage. It would be a fitting book for Combs’ career if the gang got back together for the last time for some magic.


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