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Most movie fans are unaware that in 1930 Universal Pictures released the . Spanish language version of Dracula Together with the Bela Lugosi classic, using sets and costumes similar to the American version. It is a piece of Hollywood lore that has been largely forgotten, as comedic actor Eugenio Derbez (outboardApple TV+’s acapulco) is telling the story in a new sitcom series for Spanish-language streaming service Vix+. from Spain Dracula The series is currently under development, and is tentatively titled they came at nightProduction is expected to start soon.

from Spain Dracula The series has been described as a “workplace” comedy, focusing mostly on the Mexican cast and crew who worked at Studio Oat Night on the 1931 film, which at the time was intended for Spanish-speaking film audiences abroad. was created. During that time period, studios preferred to create entirely new productions of some films for foreign release, rather than dub in the language.

Many of those films are lost to time, but after a partial print of the Spanish Dracula Found in New Jersey in the 1970s (a complete print was found much later in Cuba), the film has been restored and archived for fans to appreciate.

Derbez, who made a successful transition from Mexican television and film to Hollywood, will star in the series and executive produce for Vix+, which is owned by Univision. It is not clear whether the Spanish Dracula Series FX’s . would be like a fake what do we do in the shadows either The Office, or a straight sitcom. We also don’t know if it will air on English-speaking streaming services anytime soon, but it could debut at the same time as Nicolas Cage’s Dracula comedy. rainfield It is expected to premiere in 2023.

in a report by Hollywood ReporterDerbez explains that he hasn’t worked in Spanish-language TV for over a decade, but has the premise of a sitcom based on Spanish. Dracula It was too good to pass. “This story really jumped out at me because it tells the story of Latinos always achieving more with fewer resources and difficult situations,” Derbez said in a statement, which took a look at the 1930s from the perspective of Latinos. Let’s explore Hollywood.

Rob Greenberg and Bob Fischer, who worked with Derbez on their hits outboard and Hulu’s valetwill write spanish Dracula The series under the 3Pas Studios Production banner. Rodrigo Mazon, Executive VP and General Manager of Vix+, expressed his excitement about the series, calling it “a hilarious and inspiring comedy with incredible characters … We bring the series to life with Eugenio, Ben and the rest of the visionaries.” Thrilled to do so. And the imaginative team at 3Paas.”

Eugenio Derbez made his debut in Mexican television in 1981, one of his first English-speaking roles in a Disney small role. Beverly Hills Chihuahua in 2008, but had a breakthrough role in Rob Schneider’s sitcom to rob in 2012. His other films include life Book, miracle from heaven, earthquakeAnd Dora and the Lost City of Gold, His next big project is voicing Speedy Gonzales in a big screen animated version of the Looney Tunes character.

Spanish Dracula
Carlos Villarias and Lupita Tovar in the Spanish language version Dracula (1931)

If you’re interested in seeing real Spanish Dracula Since 1931, it has been available for viewing Pipes,

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