Weird Al Says A Netflix Serial Killer Series Is About Him?

Weird Al Yankovic joked that a clip from Netflix’s new Dahmer series is a direct reference to his Michael Jackson parody “Eat It.”

by Chad Langan | published

Weird Al Yankovic Thinks New Netflix Miniseries, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, there is another biographical film about him. According to screen rent, he shared a short clip on Twitter, Theorizing the new series is yet another feature about his life. In the short snippet Evan Peters’s Dahmer tells a character to “eat it”, which Yankovic jokes is a reference to a 1984 parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” titled “Eat It”.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiere 21 septemberscheduled tribe and sees Peters as the infamous serial killer. The series dropped just weeks after the actual biopic’s world premiere Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, In his Twitter post, the musician jokingly wrote, “Wait, they’re already making another Weird Al biopic??

After making a successful career for himself parodying popular songs by some of the biggest musicians in the world, his recent teasing about the new dahmer The series about him is the kind of trademark humor we’ve come to expect from Weird Al. in real biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Daniel Radcliffe portrays the musician, creating a parody of Yankovic’s life in the film, from early hits like “Eat It” to fame with his so-called “warm love affairs” and “famously corrupt” lifestyle. The feature is considered a light-hearted comedy, and Werd Al joked that dahmer It seemed to have had a profound effect on his life.

Weird Al Yankovic was born on October 23, 1959, in Downey, California, and took an interest in music early in his life. Although he made original recordings, he became famous for creating parodies of hit tracks, which often propelled him to various charts. Some of the musician’s biggest singles include “White and Nerdy”, a spoof of “Ridin'” by rapper Chamillionaire, and “Eat It”, which peaked at number twelfth on the Billboard Hot 100.

michael jackson beat it
Michael Jackson’s 1983 music video for “Beat It”
strange ali
Weird Al Yankovic’s 1984 music video for “Eat It”

Given that Yankovic has made a name for himself by parodying the work of other artists, it should come as no surprise that his biopic Weird: Al Yankovic Serves as a satire of biopics. The upcoming feature is from a script directed by Eric Appel in which he and Werd Al collaborated. The film premiered on 8 SeptemberthAt the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival.

Daniel Radcliffe was reportedly chosen by Werd Al to portray him in the biopic. harry potter Starr believes she was selected after the musician saw her singing “The Elements” by satirist Tom Lehrer on The Graham Norton Show in 2010. The track is a novelty song that lists most of the elements of the periodic table.

In addition to Radcliffe, there are several other high-profile stars in the upcoming Weird Al biographical picture. Quinta Brunson plays Oprah Winfrey, Evan Rachel Wood plays Madonna, Rainn Wilson plays Dr. Demento, and Julian Nicholson as Mary Yankovic. Other stars include Spencer Treat Clark, Will Forte, Thomas Lennon, David Bloom and James Preston Rogers.

Weird: Al Yankovic To be released on November 4th, 2022, on The Roku Channel. As Weird Al jokes, though, you can catch a darker biopic about him as Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which is currently streaming on Netflix. The miniseries stars Evan Peters, Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald and Niecy Nash.


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