Wednesday series release date revealed

Wednesday finally got a release date on Netflix on November 23.

by Douglas Helm | published

We can’t wait to see Netflix’s next creepy, devious, suspenseful and scary series Wednesday, The series premieres on November 23, which is appropriately a Wednesday. When you’re with your family for Thanksgiving it’s time to enjoy the new Addams Family Series.

While other members of the Addams family will appear on the show, the series is about Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega. Specifically, it follows Wednesday as she attempts to master her newfound psychic abilities, solve a murder spree, and uncover a mystery involving her parents from 25 years ago. until she attends Nevermore Academy and navigates her school and social life.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Wednesday

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán will play matriarch Morticia and patriarch Gomez of the Addams family, while Isaac Ordóez will play Pugsley. The main cast includes Christina Ricci with Gwendoline Christie, Jamie McShane, Percy Hines White, Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, Naomi Jay Ogawa, Moses Mustafa, Georgie Farmer, Ricky Lindholm. Wednesday Directed and Executive by Tim Burton.

bring tim burton to Wednesday Seems like a match made in heaven. Burton’s aesthetic is perfectly suited to the world of the Addams family and the screenplay he wrote smallville Creators Al Gough and Miles Miller should only help make Wednesday Something special The last time Burton directed something was in 2019 DumboSo it certainly looks like a return to form for the macabre auteur.

If Wednesday A breakthrough for Burton, he can punch himself a one-two if the director gets even that long-awaited Beetle Juice Sequel from the ground up. Beetlejuice 2 There was some forward momentum and good news this year, when Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company came on board for the initial development process taking place at Warner Bros. Tim Burton also mentioned that a sequel is planned and that both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder have shown interest in returning.

In the meantime, Wednesday It just has to be the spooky salve we need from Burton. Now it’s time Burton got his crack at the Addams Family, as he was originally set to co-write, co-produce, and possibly direct a stop-motion animated. adams family movie Back in 2010. The film was eventually cancelled, and the 3D computer-animated Addams Family films were released in 2019 and 2021 without Burton.

Wednesday The Addams Family will be in a TV series for the first time The New Addams Family ended in 1999. In other words – it’s been a while. It seems like a great way to re-introduce the family to live-action and Wednesday’s focus on the Addams should bring a whole new twist to the formula.

If Wednesday After being a hit, we can certainly expect to see more Burton-directed Addams Family spin-offs in the future. Perhaps the series will become so popular that Burton will finally get a chance to make his own Addams Family movie. Until then, you can see Wednesday When it hits Netflix on November 23.


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