Watch Henry Cavill as Marvel’s Captain Britain

A fan does an amazing job at creating the image of Henry Cavill as Marvel’s Captain Britain.

by Britta DeVore | published

If there’s one thing Marvel fans are good at, it’s their ideas and their art too — except in the case of that Brie Larson Captain Marvel drawing, which went a little off the rails — but Marvel’s fanbase in general is generally Full of fresh and exciting ideas. Such is the case today as an MCU follower and Henry Cavill Stan re-imagined Magician Star as Captain Britain. You can see the brightly colored piece above.

take them to instagram, a user with the handle @Subi.Ozil shared his idea of ​​what it might look like to see Henry Cavill put on a suit and step into the shoes of Captain Britain. In the incredibly colorful artwork, the actor’s eyes glow blue to match Excalibur’s brilliant hues. The artist also added a Marvel Studios logo to the bottom with the title Captain Britain in case anyone was madly obsessed with the point of the art.

While it’s exciting to dream of Henry Cavill joining a Marvel production, it’s sadly going to be a tough sell as the actor has been the face of the DCEU’s Superman for nearly a decade. starting from 2013 man of Steel, Cavill is working hard in three follow-up features, which saw him lead the pack as Clark Kent. But, with questions surrounding his return to future DC movies, it could be possible that Cavill might leave his current superhero role and present another opportunity to himself.

Henry Cavill Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman man of Steel (2013)

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill has been busy with a full slate of projects. Mission: Impossible – Fallout The star is rumored to appear in an upcoming Frankenstein-centric feature and was even the subject of another Marvel fan’s art when he was transformed into the X-Men character Beast aka Hank McCoy.

As far as projects you can (almost) definitely see Henry Cavill in, the actor’s name has been linked to two productions that are currently in the post. The first is a sequel to Netflix’s 2020 mystery flick, Enola Homes, which boasted an all-star lineup of famous names including Millie Bobby Brown, Helena Bonham Carter, Sam Claflin and Louis Partridge. While Brown’s titular character led the story, Cavill starred as Enola’s more famous older brother, Sherlock Holmes.

The sequel film, which hits Netflix on November 4, 2022, boasts a similar cast list with Henry Cavill, Brown, and Bonham Carter reprising their roles for a second season.

Henry Cavill’s other upcoming feature has earned some major question marks in recent times when it was revealed that the person behind its original source material may not exist. Argy. for Cavill as the titular secret agent of the film, and will be based on a book series of the same name by author Allie Conway. However, a rumor is spreading that the book is not genuine. With the film set to release in 2023, it seems that the system is under way, but many are now wondering when the novel (which claims to be the first of the series) will hit shelves and online platforms. With no clue, the case remains open.

While it may take a while until we see Henry Cavill in any form of superhero flick, with fan art like this, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he’ll at least make a cameo somewhere soon.


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