Top Gun: Maverick Made Paramount Pictures Reevaluate Theatrical Releases

Paramount Pictures seemed to be fully committed to a future of movies that would hit their Paramount+ streaming service and bypass theatrical releases. However, their recent success with sonic the hedgehog 2 and the unprecedented Top Gun : Maverick may have changed their minds about how many of their movies will get a first option theatrical release.

Top Gun : Maverick bucked every possible trend with a theatrical release that saw it become the fifth highest-grossing domestic release of all time, while also scoring the biggest hit for Paramount Pictures and star Tom Cruise. Taking in over $1.4 billion worldwide, the nostalgic, belated sequel to a middling ’80s hit is the type of film that’s earned more from its theatrical release than anyone could have imagined. and it’s actually the exact type of movie that would have typically landed as a streaming exclusive.

According THR, the recent theatrical success has proven that despite the problems experienced during the Covid pandemic, cinemas are still very capable of generating huge profits for the right film, and this is something Paramount will now dive into any further. Paramount CEO Brian Robbins has revealed that Paramount’s future theatrical output will increase, with plans to bring up to 15 films a year to theaters, and as he put it:

“Theatre always has the greatest impact. This kind of theatrical release, 45 days after streaming, works wonders.

Paramount has yet to reveal if there will be a Top Gun 

Paramount Pictures currently has several high-profile films in production as it looks to some IPs with new sequels. Following the successful release of Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Paramount was quick to announce that Sonic The Hedgehog 3 will be hitting theaters in the not-too-distant future, along with a new Knuckles-centric spin-off series heading to Paramount+. There will also be A Quiet Place: Day One and A Quiet Place 3, and Scream 6 in theaters soon, leading many to suspect that Top Gun 3 may soon join this list.

Of course, a third Top Gun movie doesn’t just hinge on the popularity and box office performance of Top Gun: Maverick, because without a story that resonates with fans again, another sequel would likely end up undoing the legacy. which was created for the franchise. Tom Cruise has already pretty much shut himself out of other Top Gun projects, and without his leader, the future of the franchise would hinge on the new characters introduced in Top Gun: Maverick.

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It’s clear that much of the success of Top Gun: Maverick is down to both Tom Cruise and his character’s on-screen reunion with Val Kilmer’s Iceman, as well as a storyline that was, for much, better than the original 1986 movie. That kind of lightning doesn’t usually strike twice, which would mean any other Top Gun movie would have to be certain of its direction before pushing the franchise’s legacy beyond its limits. limits.


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