Tom Hardy just won an actual martial arts tournament

Tom Hardy made a surprise appearance at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, finishing first in his division.

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Actor Tom Hardy is taking some time off before filming another Venom movie and potentially the next installment of Mad Max, as reported by Us a few weeks ago. The former turned actor is known for his physicality and onscreen presence. This has apparently been of some benefit to him other than performing in front of the cameras. the dark Knight Rises And poison The star most recently attended the UMAC Milton Janes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open at Oakgrove Sports Hall in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom.

Photos from Facebook user and photographer Taped_fingers show Tom Hardy upset and ready for his next challenger. Not only did Hardy compete in martial arts tournaments, but he also finished first in his division. as noted by Prima facieHis division places him in a high-level Blue Belt, second only to Black Belts.

Taped_fingers also featured photos of Tom Hardy preparing for another fight. an article from MK Citizen told Outside That Intense Tournament aims to “take an opponent to the ground, control them, and force them to submit using joint locks or chokeholds.” Reports state that Hardy learned basic martial arts during the shooting of the film. Warrior in 2011. Apart from his martial arts training, the actor has also trained in MMA and boxing.

Tom Hardy Joel Edgerton Warrior
Tom Hardy, Josh Rosenthal, and Joel Edgerton news (2011)

Tom Hardy is seen taking a break before shooting Sony’s next installment poison Voting. In June, Hardy posted an untitled script from the project to his Instagram with the title “Last Dance”. The caption had some fans wondering if Venom 3 Hardy’s final journey as the fan-favorite Spider-Man character.

but other than your work poison franchise, the actor has also been the choice of many fans for the MCU’s Wolverine. In July, a fan took it upon themselves to post a deeply fake video featuring Tom Hardy as the famous X-Men character. Hardy has previously denied any involvement in the MCU’s upcoming X-Men project.

While Tom Hardy is best known for his work in comic-book films, his award-nominated projects are also receiving a lot of attention. mad max fury road, in which Hardy plays the titular character, was recently ranked #5 on HBO’s streaming service. interest in other mad Max The film has been in development with Hardy since the announcement of the Furiosa prequel.

As for Tom Hardy’s participation in the tournament, it should be noted that some of the attendees “didn’t even know” that Hardy would be there. According to one of the actor’s opponents, they were actually star-struck after finding out that the Venom star would be the one to face them. He also called Hardy “a really strong man”.

This isn’t even the first time Tom Hardy has participated in a jiu-jitsu tournament. As reported by SBNation, the actor participated in the first REORG Open and secured the first position. Moral of this story Don’t underestimate Tom Hardy’s acting and fighting skills.

Tom Hardy briefly reprises his role as Venom Spider-Man: No Way Home, The character was sent back to Sony’s Spiderverse during the film’s end-credits scene. As far as Venom is concerned that he has entered the MCU for some time, only time will tell.

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