Tim Allen Trending and Under Fire for a Joke

After Tim Allen tweeted a crack about Joe Biden, social media piled on the comic and brought to the fore his 1978 drug trafficking

by Michelle Martin | published

On Monday Tim Allen, as you can see above, made a tweet about President Joe Biden’s Sunday 60 minutes Appearance It’s pretty prevalent as far as online humor is concerned, but the social media backlash for Ellen has been huge regardless. toy story Star name sent on trending Twitter With some his 1978 drug trafficking arrest, some lent their support to Allen, some thought the whole thing was just silly, and some were genuinely disappointed by the joke from a purely aesthetic point of view.

Not many people who go after Tim Allen seem so pissed off at the joke as they are taking the opportunity to go after the outspoken conservative star. Some are mentioning anything problematic about the joke, other than that it exposes Allen’s political leanings to people who don’t already know. You can see examples of those below.

One thing that is worth mentioning in the wake of the joke is the 1978 arrest of Tim Allen at Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport on charges of possessing approximately one and a half pounds of cocaine. Allen was granted parole after serving two and a half years in federal prison, as well as dropping the names of other dealers he had worked with. The story is one that many Twitter users are using to tear the actor down, with many sharing their mugshots.

Tim Allen talks about his time in prison Hollywood Reporter Last year. Galaxy Quest The star said that after the death of his father, he became a manipulative thief and an addict. Ironically, prison may have been one of the biggest contributing factors to Allen’s sober stay and staying that way for more than two decades.

Tim Allen said of his time in prison, “It was the first time I did what I was told and played the game.” “I really learned how to live day in and day out. And I learned how to be quiet. You definitely want to learn how to be quiet.”

Of course, clearly a lot of people on Twitter think that Tim Allen hasn’t learned to “shut up” well enough, but there are some who are more than okay with his tweets. His supporters have become almost as vocal as Allen’s opponents, attacking his critics and sometimes using very ugly language to do so. You can see some examples of this below.

There are some – though they seem to be in the vocal minority by now – who may not necessarily have politics up their sleeves, but without thinking that it is all mountains made of sesame seeds. After all, the joke that Tim Allen made isn’t the most offensive thing ever. You can see some examples of this sermon below.

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Tim Allen in the teaser Santa Claus

Despite the riots on social media, we’re pretty sure Tim Allen’s career is secure. Chris Evans Might Have Handled the Voice of One of His Signature Characters light yearBut Allen will soon be on Disney+’s . Scott will reprise his role as Calvin aka Santa Claus in Santa Claus,


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