Thor Love and Thunder Star Christian Bale Explains Why Playing Gorr Is the Easiest Job

In Interview Christian Bale tells why it was so easy to portray villain Gorr the God Butcher in Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder star Christian Bale explained recently why playing Gorr the God Butcher’s villain is the most difficult job an actor could hope to land.

Prensaescenario interviewed Bale about his portrayal as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest antagonist. He said, “[The best thing about playing a villain] is that it’s simple.” It’s the most difficult job. Because everyone is fascinated by the villain, it’s easy to play a villain. The hardest job is being the hero. Oscar-winning actor, who has already played Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, is an expert on comic book villains and heroes.

Bale also revealed that scenes were filmed between Gorr, the MCU supporting character Eitri, and The Grandmaster. These roles were once again played by Jeff Goldblum and Peter Dinklage. Bale was especially enthusiastic in his praises of Dinklage, calling the Avengers star “fantastic”. Bale then described these deleted scenes, and others like them, as “beautiful and brilliant stuff.”

Thor Love and Thunder

Bale shared his theory about why Marvel Studios director Taika Waititi selected him to play Gorr. He suggested that he was selected because he is the opposite Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. He said, “Someone who is not relatable, a bit lonely, creepy, someone nobody wants to be around, but no one wants his ass.” “So they said, “Yeah, it was in Bale.” Hemsworth’s role as the God of Thunder was also praised by the star, who said it was easier to be villains than heroes and that Hemsworth’s job as such was “a harder job.”

Bale has admitted that his Thor role was not the most difficult of his career. However, he also said previously that he didn’t find it easy. The star also recalled how Gorr, the God Butcher’s prosthetics made his head hurt during principal photography. “I found it pathetic. “I was pathetic. I thought things like, “I don’t believe I can walk because of my long nails.” It had a profound effect on my brain. It made me feel like I couldn’t eat because my nails were too long. I was trying to type. He said, “I couldn’t do any of that.”

Bale’s comments refer to Bale’s slim frame in Thor Love and Thunder, compared to Hemsworth who has a muscular physique. Hemsworth confirmed that this is the reason Gorr does not sport a comics-accurate appearance. Bale said, “I was coming from a film that required me to be a bit lacking in muscle.” “And then, I saw the images [Gorr comics] and thought, ‘Well, that’s not going to be possible.’”

Thor Love and Thunder open in theaters on July 8.

Source: Prensaescenario, via YouTube


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