Thor 4 Revealed All 12 Songs Featured In Film

 Thor 4 Reveals All 12 Songs Featured In Movie

The soundtrack and musical score are an integral part of any blockbuster movie. This is the case for Marvel Studios’ next movie Thor. Love and Thunder. This score is by Michael Giacchino a longtime collaborator of Marvel. Fans know this because of the movie’s promotion tour that it will be another hit.

Director Taika Waititi started his Marvel tenure on Thor using the famous “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin. This song was played twice during the movie’s theatrical run as well as in its premiere. This was another memorable moment in the MCU 2017, and Waititi clearly plans to continue that theme with Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo Thor movie.

The trailer for Love and Thunder was released. It featured the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’Roses in 1987. This allowed fans to jam to some classic ’80s music while Thor unleashes yet another round of thunder. Marvel has now shared the names of all songs that will be heard during the film’s nearly two-hour runtime ahead of its worldwide release.

The official Disney press release regarding Marvel Studios’ Thor 4 revealed 12 songs to be included in the film.

This includes “Sweet Child O Mine”, Guns N’ roses. It was also heard in the first trailer. That song is one of four songs from the same band in the fourth Thor movie.

You can see the complete list below.

Only Times Enya

Welcome to The Jungle Guns N’ Roses

Paradise City Guns N’ Roses

Old Spice Sea Chanty – Ginger Johnson

Fighting – Michael Raphael

Last Summer ABBA

Family Affair Mary J. Blige

Sweet Children O’ Mine Guns N Roses

Goodies – Ciara

Hey Ninny-Nonny – Taika Waititi

November rain Guns N’ Roses

Rainbow in the Dark Dio

Thor 4
Thor. Love and Thunder- Song: Guns N’ roses

The MCU does have some iconic scores by composers such as Michael Giacchino and Alan Silvestri, but nearly all outings use plenty of memorable needle drops to propel their stories forward. Only Phase 4 saw Shang-Chi, the Legend of the Ten Rings and “Hotel California” use everything. Eternals spanned the generations using songs such as “Time” by Pink Floyd and “Juice” by Lizzo. “

Love and Thunder continue the same vibes as Thor. However, a third of these songs are solely Guns N’ roses. Some of the songs on this list raise interesting questions.

Is it possible that someone in this story will eventually listen to Mary J. Blige R&B 2001? Will one of the main characters be featured in an Old Spice commercial?!

This soundtrack continues to show how much fun Thor: Love and Thunder will have, regardless of the details. It’s certain that there will be many entertaining and unexpected moments when the songs start playing.

Thor – Love and Thunder will be shown in theaters starting July 8.

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