The New Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Movie Gets a Release Date

The Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell holiday musical Spirited is releasing on November 18 on Apple TV+.

by Joshua Jones | published

Apple’s new comedy, braveStarring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, has a release date. The holiday musical comedy hits theaters on November 11 and will arrive on Apple TV+ on November 18. Releases are another example of short theatrical windows and projects being released quickly on streaming.

The Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell comedy also stars Octavia Spencer, Patrick Page, Sunita Mani, Lauren Woods, Joe Tippett, Marlo Barkley and Jane Tullock. Described as a modern musical rendition of the classic story by Charles Dickens Christmas Carol, brave will present songs La La Lands Benz Pasek and Justin Paul. The film is written and directed by Sean Anders and John Morris. $60 million was reportedly spent on the talent of the project.

The first teaser for the Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell comedy was released on December 25, 2021, via Reynolds’ social media. dead pool The actor also shared actual behind-the-scenes pictures from the upcoming holiday musical. One of the photos shows Pharrell sending a Venmo payment request to Reynolds for a coffee and TikTok performance.

Pictures from the film were later released online by AppleTV+. In the photos, it appears that Ryan Reynolds is scaring Will Ferrell. The images also show Reynolds playing the iconic Charles Dickens character Ebenezer Scrooge.

Ryan Reynolds will Ferrell
Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in the teaser brave

A viral TikTok video posted last September gave fans a glimpse into what Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell were working on together. The footage begins with Reynolds signing part of Micah’s 2007 song “Grace Kelly”, before Ferrell wanders into the frame and begins to sing in an exaggeratedly high pitch. Reynolds announced next month that they have wrapped production brave,

a series of new posters The upcoming musical for the play was recently released online. The set of black-and-white posters show Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in costume with actress Octavia Spencer. The pictures show that the film is going to take a modern take on the classic holiday story.

While it looked like Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell certainly had a great time making the film, Reynolds noted that the experience was actually quite challenging. Announcing the end of production on social media, Reynolds wrote that he wasn’t sure he was ready to say “yes to this challenging film even three years ago.” There certainly seems to be a lot of singing and dancing in the film, and perhaps the comedian was astonished by it all.

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell have a close friendship. Last year, the two actors filled in for each other on two late-night talk shows. In February, Reynolds also went to Pharrell Wells to watch a Wrexham football game.

Hopefully, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s close friendship can shine when the two are on screen together brave, Both the actors have gained many fans for their work over the years. The film will undoubtedly be something that the audience will watch during the holiday season. And who knows, we might even guess them anchorman After that musical.


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