The Most Famous True Crime Podcast Case Was Just Overturned

Adnan Syed, whose story was detailed in the Serial podcast, just got his murder sentence overturned.

by Doug Norie | published


23 years after He Min Lee’s tragic murder, and eight years after serial The podcast detailing the investigation and conviction of Adnan Syed that hit the airwaves (which also produced an HBO documentary), the original case has its biggest news in years. Diversity Is it that Syed’s murder sentence was reversed in Min Lee’s murder and he will be released from prison immediately.

It’s a shocking turn of events, decades after the original case and years after the podcast gained national attention. The story of Lee’s murder and Syed’s conviction was the root of it. serial podcast first season,

In the ruling on Monday, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa Finn vacated the original court ruling, saying that prosecutors at the time had not adequately reported the evidence in the finding that could have helped Syed’s case. . Additionally, Finn found that other people may have been involved in the crime (..) serial podcast detailed this possibility), something that was not known at the time of the original test.

Although Syed is now out of jail, it does not mean that he is a free man. Now there could be another trial if prosecutors and officials think they still have enough evidence to redo the case. It is unclear which course to take at this point, but he will remain under house arrest for 30 days while that is settled.

serial The podcast became somewhat of a must-listen appointment in 2014, one of the medium’s first truly viral entries, and it detailed the investigation into the murder of host Sarah Koenig and the subsequent court case in which Syed was convicted of murder. pleaded guilty. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

But as Koenig and his team detail the events of the podcast, there was at least some reason to believe that the police investigation and trial cast some doubt on whether Syed was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

He Min Lee’s murder case and Syed’s conviction became a national story after serial Podcast in 2014. It told the story of how Min Lee disappeared after school in January 1999 and how her body was found two days later in Leakin Park, Baltimore. Syed was Lee’s ex-boyfriend and was immediately a suspect. The varying stories of the events of that night have led to uncertainty as to what actually happened.

first serial The podcast episode was downloaded over five million times which was a podcast record at the time. Overall, it was reported that . first season of serial was downloaded over 68 million times. post season serial was released but presented with different storylines. Occasionally, updates were posted by Koenig and his team (the podcast is owned by The New York Times).

serial The makers have said that they will have a new episode of the podcast this week in the wake of this most recent decision. It is not clear whether Syed, now 41, will be seen in this upcoming episode. More news about this story is set to come in the coming weeks.


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