The Mad Max Director Discusses How Long Furiosa Has Been In Development

For forty years, George Miller has been transforming Hollywood. He is the creator of the dystopian future and post-apocalyptic movie genres. While movies like The Book of Eli and A Quiet Place, as well as novel adaptations like The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games, have made this genre one of the most prevalent in the industry, when Miller arrived on the scene, it was still mostly unknown. At that time, he began one of the most well-known film franchises ever, Mad Max. Mel Gibson portrayed a world where civilization was on the verge of disintegrating owing to severe oil shortages in the 1979 original. Two straight sequels to the movie followed. Mad Max: Fury Road brought the series back to life after 30 years’ absence. Charlize Theron’s performance as Furiosa, who will have a spinoff that has been in the works for an unexpectedly long time, was one of the film’s highlights.

In a discussion with the AV Club, Miller discussed his upcoming prequel and disclosed the unexpected time period when he penned the script. The renowned director thought the Mad Max: Fury Road cast and crew required as much context and history on the Furiosa as he was able to provide. So he sat down with friend and coworker Nico Lathouris and created a novel about what happened to Max the year before the new movie (Mel Gibson was replaced by Tom Hardy) as well as a script on Charlize Theron’s character’s history. Miller determined that if the new film was successful, he would want to tell her tale after realizing that they had a fantastic screenplay on their hands.

The Mad Max director discusses how long Furiosa has been in development

When Miller was founded in 1979, it significantly altered several aspects of the market. In addition to being one of the most influential films ever shot in Australia, it has served as an inspiration for some of the largest celebrities and artists working today, who frequently reference its scenes. The last scene of the movie, in which Johnny is given the option of cutting the chain or using his foot to flee, served as the model for the whole Saw franchise, according to James Wan.

Even the first movie contains a duplication of the sequence. Even more, Hollywood giants were inspired by Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. It is regarded as one of their favorites by Robert Rodriguez, David Fincher, and Guillermo Del Toro. Additionally, James Cameron is so enamored with it that he mimicked a sequence from The Terminator. The deadly robot was shown dragging his leg after being struck by a truck in a low shot, the same shot that was utilized when Max was shot in the leg.

It’s easy to see why Miller is ready, considering how many Hollywood stars look up to him. He long ago realized that you need to understand your characters and the reasons behind their actions if you want to create genre-defining and industry-inspiring movies. He also appears to be the kind of person who won’t pass up an opportunity. He might as well write the history of a figure as dynamic as Furiosa in the style of Mad Max’s first spinoff if he’s going to do it.


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