The Boyz spinoff series has taken a big step forward

Boyz Gen V has wrapped production on its first season.

by Britta DeVore | published

It’s almost time to buy our books, load cash on our dining cards, and go to class with the cast of boys‘ spinoff series, Gen V, Taking to Twitter to announce some exciting news via a set of new photos, which you can see above, the soon-to-be series revealed they had just produced on Season 1. While there is no set premiere date yet, this is big news for the series and is obviously a big step in the right direction.

While plot details are still under wraps about what we can expect to see in the debut season, we do know that the series will be centered around a school, and in particular a group of students, who discover their supernatural abilities. Learning to control better. We also know that the series created by Michelle Fazekas and Tara Butters will coincide with Season 3 boyswhich means that those studying in the classes Gen V We’ll talk about all the excitement we saw in the latest season of the Prime Video series.

of boys’ Events we’ll hear about Gen V, we can count on seeing Jensen Ackles’ reactions to the return of Soldier Boy, a main plot point in the third season of the original series after being kicked out of the game, and believed to have been dead for several decades. Is. , There was also a lot of political unrest with Homelander (Antony Starr) gaining the trust of the populace and America’s first type of podium, only to be unveiled as liars to both him and Watt International that they are Starlight (Antony Starr). Erin Moriarty) is following. Social media video at the end of the episode “Herogasm”.

So, while it is not entirely clear what the exact plot of ? boys He Gen V But will catch on, there are bound to be many. last installment of boys Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie (Jack Quaid) dive into the darker side of things by injecting Compound V into their veins, and while we doubt we’ll hear anything about their personal struggles with the drug , so we’re thinking research and distribution must have something to do with Gen V Because, well, it’s like the name. like in the normal world boysThere are bound to be hordes of seers through Homelander supporters and sadistic lunatics, so we’re expecting to see a clash of personal beliefs on the school campus.

the boys cast

Although it is not clear whether there will be any exciting boys Cameos in Offshoot, We Have a Solid Cast Lineup for Gen V, Jazz Sinclair in Call Sheet (chilling adventures of sabrina), Lai Broadway (cheater), Maddie Phillips (ghost war), Chance Perdomo (chilling adventures of sabrina), London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa German (fish eggs), Shelley Conn (bridgerton), Patrick Schwarzenegger (HBO’s.) ladder), and Sean Patrick Thomas (cruel intentions, save the Last Dance,

Now that we know that filming is over, we are very close to seeing the new series on our TVs in the near future. If you’ve already been caught boys And the days are counting down until Gen V And boys Season 4, but haven’t checked out animated spinoff , Boys Presents: SatanicWe suggest you go to Prime Video now and give it a try.


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