The Boys Season 3 Removed A Controversial Scene

Controversial Scene Deleted From The Boys Season 3.

The Boys season 3 was renewed in 2020, This means that it’s been a while since we last saw the bloody, violent, and highly controversial exploits of its villains and heroes. The show’s ability to make dark humor from the idea that costumed superheroes might not be all that great has been highly praised by Amazon Prime Video. But it seems that the series may finally be giving up on something. Eric Kripke, the series creator, revealed The Boys season 3 won’t include the famous scene in which The Homelander, a series antagonist, coerces Soldier boy into having sex, promising career advancements.

The Boys season three will include elements of Herogasm. This limited comic book series was created by John McCrea, Garth Ennis, and Keith Burns. Herogasm originally appeared as a spin-off from The Boys. However, it was later incorporated into trade paperback editions and will now be part of the series. Eric Kripke had previously tweeted that the sixth episode The Boys season 3 would share the title and that he’d been tempted to do so (at some volume).

Kripke stated emphatically that he had faced the challengers and could not adapt comic book events into a streaming TV show. However, it seems like they may be rethinking their position. The Homelander (Antony Starr), in The Boys third season, will not push Soldier Boy ( Jensen Ackles) into performing sex acts during a week-long orgy of superheroes, because it is not consistent with the overall direction of the season. Kripke’s comments:

We talked about it. It conflicted with a lot of the other things we were trying to build with Soldier Boy. So, unfortunately, that one had to go.

This may be true, and the trailers of The Boys season three have clearly shown that the show’s Soldier Boy has very little in common with its comic book counterpart. It is quite obvious that a show that is known for its graphic violence and praises it at every opportunity cannot find a way to include specific sexual moments. This is reminiscent of the way that the Motion Picture Association, which assigns parental guidance ratings for films, is more likely to give more severe ratings to sexual acts than to violent depictions. It also views homosexual acts more graphically than those of heterosexuals.

You might also notice that The Boys had a first season in which the female lead character was sexually humiliated and sexed by a male superbeing. However, it is impossible for the male-on-male sex to work within the story they are creating. The Boys season 3, for whatever narrative reason, will skip this issue and continue to focus upon some good-old-fashioned hyperviolence as well as the thematic possibilities that “what if Superman was emotional baggage?” The Boys Season 3 will debut on Amazon Prime Video on June 3.


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